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Shadow, the Jimbilly cat in the news, again

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Shadow the Cat Flood Survivor


Shadow says Hi

Hello fellow Jimbillies, It’s Shadow and I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!!! I know we’ve all been through a lot this past year, but we have a lot to be thankful for too. I’m really glad you all decided to take care of me and keep me in the Hood!!!! I am adjusting to life in the West End quite well. My new dad is Great!!! He put in a little cat door so I can go to the porch and even outside if I feel like it. I do love the smell of Jamestown!!! I have found out that Louie’s bathtub is a great place to hang out when I want to cool down, and I found a great hiding place close to the heater for those cold days and nights. I’m thankful my new dad lets me snuggle with him at night too. As for that other critter in the house, Pepper, we have come to an understanding—-just leave me alone!!!!!

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I love you all and hope only the Best for US.
xoxoxox Shadow

“Jamestown cat survives 40 days after floods”, the movie

The Shadow video as it appeared on 9NEWS on November 13, 2013.

Shadow’s new person

Thanks to Louie, Shadow has found a new and loving home. I’m sure Joey is smiling. –Steve–


Hello fellow Jimtowners, it’s Shadow . . .

I’m feeling better after my scary time out in the wilderness,so it’s time I looked for a new home and care taker/s. Since I’ve always been an ” only pet”, I would like to continue that set up. I was an outside cat, but now I think I want to be indoors. It was REALLY scary out there, and I feel safer inside. In exchange for a warm lap, longing arms, and smiles, I promise to give you all my LOVE. Please look into your heart and see if there is room for me. You can call my friend Lisa, the Mountain Vet at 303-718-2419.

Love, Shadow

The wonderful story of Joey’s cat, Shadow

Shadow is Joey’s cat who amazingly showed up after 40 days when everyone thought she was lost in the mud slide. Her leg was partly amputated but she is doing well and she will be adopted into a loving home. If you want to make a donation to Shadow for the medical and ongoing care, you may drop it off at the Town Hall.

Here is the story of Shadow as it unfolded on the town bulletin board:.

Heather, Oct. 21: Earlier today I found Shadow up Howlett’s Gulch. She is one strong kitty! Ann and I took her to the vet where she is eating and being well taken care of. She will have surgery in the morning on her broken leg and hopes to continue living in Jamestown adored by all. She will most likely convalesce with Ann and between the neighbors, Zach and myself will find a new home close to her old one. Here’s to small miracles!

Lisa, Oct. 21: About 12 years ago, Joey was catless after he and Susie split up, and he asked me to help find him a new buddy. At the time I worked at the Humane Society and found Shadow in the lost cat area where no one ever showed up to claim her. The staff at the time had named her Crackers, and as soon as I met her I knew she was Joey’s cat. He told me many times she was the best cat he ever had.

Jennifer, Oct. 22: Aw shadow, amazing!

Karen, Oct. 22: What a special gift to find Joey’s cat! Wow! What a survivor! I would also be willing to pitch in on any vet bills.

Anne, Oct. 22: Fellow Jimtowners, I just left the vet’s office, and Shadow is recovering from her surgery. Joe had to remove the lower part of her back leg. It still had blood supply, but it would have been floppy and in her way, so this was best for her. She has already learned to be a three legged cat, so that will help with her recovery. He want’s to keep her a couple nights, so I’ll pick her up on Thursday and am willing to keep her until we can find her real home. Dr. Joe is giving us a deal, but the bill will be $600.00. Donations would be GREAT!!!!! She IS a remarkable cat.

Tara, Oct. 22: If you are in Jamestown and want to make a donation to Shadow, you may drop it off at the Town Hall. We will ensure that she receives it.

Bela, Oct. 24: The image below was taken today at noon at the Jamestown office. Tara is with Joey’s cat Shadow. Anne just brought back Shadow from the hospital. Shadow is doing fine after surviving the flood, 40 days in the rubble and a leg amputation. Amazing.


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