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Town Square will be rebuilt with GOCO grant

From Wendy Stokes:

Here is some very good news! We have just learned that were successful in obtaining the GOCO grant to rebuild the Town Square! Vic and I went to Lyons this morning to hear the GOCO Board accept the committee’s nominations for 14 Flood Reconstruction Grants including ours.



FEMA’s rent assistance formula revealed

When you apply for recertification for continued FEMA rent assistance you are required to provide income and housing expenses . What FEMA does not explain in the forms is how they will use that information to determine if they will give you more rent assistance. However, through various conversations with FEMA I have a good indication of their “formula” which I think is worth knowing about.


What is a floodplain and why should you care?

As Jamestown moves into the post-Jamestown Flood recovery process we are hearing more and more about floodplains, FIRMs, and NIFP. Coleen Williams has kindly provided information about these terms and why they matter.


ACT NOW! Local FEMA assistance is ending.

These are the last days to get personal face-to-face  FEMA assistance.

The Twin Peaks Mall center is closing tomorrow at 3 P.M.

Next week is Alisa’s last week (the individual assistance rep. in Jamestown). When Alisa is gone all FEMA assistance will be through the 800 number: (800) 621-3362. If you have any outstanding questions or needs, please contact Alisa immediately by calling the Town Office.  (303) 449-1806

How to minimize interruptions in FEMA rent assistance

These suggestions were provided by Alisa from FEMA who is in Jamestown. Following them will not guarantee that your future rent assistance will not hit some bumps, but they should help. The premise is that each time you file you want to make it easy as possible for the random FEMA processor who is handling your request.



Time is running out on FEMA/SBA Dec. 2 deadline


Volunteers–log your hours

Your volunteer time in Jamestown is extremely valuable to the town. It counts as in-kind contribution towards the amount that FEMA and the State will require the town to pay in recovery costs. For example, if the town’s share is $2 million dollars it becomes $1 million if there is $1 million in in-kind contribution.

The log sheet are in the big Town Hall room . . . either Samantha or Elizabeth from FEMA are in there coordinating volunteers and can direct you to the sign-up sheet. 


6 weeks, what a difference . . .

thanks to Rainbow and Adam and their dedication and love of Jamestown.

merc sign

Photos by Steve Edelstein
Top photo on Sept. 22, 2013. Bottom photo on Nov.3, 2013.

Only 14 days left to apply to FEMA and SBA. Use the contact information on the Merc board.

Replace your important papers

FEMA has provided guidance here on ways to get duplicates of destroyed or missing documents.

Water plant status from FEMA Administrator

Mayor Tara is featured on the FEMA web site which includes comments by the FEMA administrator about the water plant.

“I don’t remember when we’ve had a disaster with so many issues of limited access like we have here in Colorado,” said Tom McCool, federal coordinating officer for DR-4145-CO, “and now we’re racing against time with winter coming.

McCool said the treatment facility soon will be structurally stabilized to prevent further damage during the winter, but it will be next spring before the facility is operational. That means Jamestown’s residents may need FEMA’s help providing them with other housing through the winter.”

FEMA and SBA filing deadlines have been extended to Nov. 30

Just announced by FEMA: The new registration deadline to apply for FEMA disaster assistance in Colorado is November 30, 2013, which is also the new deadline to complete and return low-interest U.S. Small Business Administration disaster loan applications. Register by phone, 800-621-3362, from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., MST, seven days a week.

FEMA filing deadline is November 14

The Nov. 14 deadline is approaching for survivors in nine designated Colorado counties to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster assistance.  Read more.

Free legal services for flood victims

Read about the free legal services here.

Useful information from the G-man in the black caddy

If your utilities are still out the inspector should ask you if you are planning to stay or move while repairs are being made, this also goes for dmg to home… depending on how you answer that question would be the first step in continued housing assistance after completing your home inspection. If you have any questions about housing you should call 8006213362….. if you haven’t had your house inspection you can still receive the 2nd month just call the number above and they can explain to you what needs to be done.  Hope this helps! SW

Will FEMA rent assistance end when my house becomes accessible?

Disclaimer: The information provided here is NOT official. Each person/family must work with FEMA directly to arrange their rent assistance according to their own situation.

I have been trying to understand what criteria FEMA uses to determine if I will qualify for rent assistance after the first month. I kept hearing about “accessibility” and it was sounding as if when my house is accessible I may no longer qualify for rent assistance. This concerns me because my house may become accessible long before I am able to live there. For us, it is not feasible to live in the house if there is no water. So if I can get to my house but have not water, will I still qualify for rent assistance?


Volunteers help Jamestown

Article in the Daily Camera: Volunteers help Jamestown

Free rebuilding advice from FEMA, 9/28 to 10/1

See FEMA’s public notice about rebuilding advice here.

Heart warming message from Scott W

Originally Posted on the QT by Scott (the G-man in the black caddy)

ive been to many disasters but i can say ive never been to a stronger community, as i said before the determination, strength, and gratitude was inspirational. you jimtowners are the model of how a community should come together after such an event. if i could bottle the spirit of jamestown i would call it “mountain strong”.

i will stay off the board now but i just had to share what i took from your little town.
your friend and hopefully honorary jimtowner, scott


G-man in the black caddy is leaving

So far, Scott Warner, FEMA Inspector, has been the public face of FEMA in Jamestown. He’s been great to work with and extremely helpful but he’s been reassigned. We have come to know Scott as the G-man in the black caddy. This seems like a good time to thank Scott and FEMA for everything they have done so far for the people of Jamestown.

Here is the parting message from Scott, originally posted on the Jamestown QT:

tomorrow will be my last day in jimtown i am moving to another area for a different project, you guys have been awesome…..they will be sending several other inspectors in to finish the inspections mike harris has already arrived and hes a great inspector hope he has the same experience i have with you folks!!!

Photos by Sal DeVincenzo, photographer extraordinaire:

scott feme (Copy)

cadillac (Copy)

Update from Scott Warner, FEMA Inspector

  1. when you call FEMA and tell them your house is ready to be inspected after it had been deemed inaccessible during our first meeting it then becomes an “inaccessible inspection” for ME or possibly another inspector in the days to come to go inspect (i will tell them not to send anyone else that drives a caddy)
  2. thank you for your patience.
  3. if you’ve gotten a denial letter prior to meeting for the first its most likely due to the answer you gave when applying
  4. i will be there early in the morning leaving golden @ 6 and will be there accordingly
  5. “mountain strong”

Comment from Steve:

Regarding a denial letter, Scott did not say, but the implication I get is to call FEMA and try to correct whatever may be inaccurate. I don’t see how anyone would know what question was inaccurate so you probably should review all the answers to make any needed truthful corrections.

The number is (800) 621-3362. Nancy and I have called them several times and the people on the other end have been helpful and friendly. However, they do not all seem to be equally knowledgable. If you are not satisfied with the way it’s going I would suggest calling back.

We are special, but you probably knew that

Message from FEMA Inspector:

thanks for everyone’s help. this is definitely an exceptional community….i will be between 5th & 6th on lee hill tomorrow from 8am-6pm 9/19 (317)657-8327 if you would like you can call me and see if i have your inspection tonight until 930pm or anytime tomorrow. everyone in jimtown is encouraged to apply with FEMA 800-621-3362 whether you are an owner or renter also it does not matter if you have insurance or not….everyone should apply asap!!!
i can answer questions about the inspection but i have nothing to do with the award amount and i am unable to help with that…..i cant express enough how helpful everyone has been in tracking people down….this community is a model of the way resources & people should come together after an event of this magnitude…i am truly humbled by the spirit of this community!

Don’t become prey

Message From FEMA:

Only give personal info when you initiate the phone call, if someone calls you saying they are from FEMA asking for banking info or soc sec # ask for their # and don’t give any info and promptly call FEMA @ 800-621-3362….no inspector should ask for any of this info either if you are unsure if the person calling is an inspector ask them what your reg/app# is, if they don’t have it u should be suspicious.

Register with FEMA even if your dwelling wasn’t damaged

FEMA does not require that a house be damaged or destroyed in order to qualify for aid. The fact that you live in a place that has been declared a Federal Disaster Area (which it has) and your house has become unlivable but is intact, is sufficient to qualify for disaster aid. How much and when is an entirely  separate matter. In the end you may not get what you want or what you think you deserve. But if you don’t apply I can guarantee you will get nothing. So, apply to FEMA no matter your situation (see the FEMA menu item for contact information).

Based on my own experience, I recommend applying by phone if you haven’t applied yet. I found out today that the path my online application was taking was based on some answers that probably should have been different. That may cause some delay in a determination. I said, well I’ll just change my answer (truthfully) and the agent said it was too late.


Register with FEMA for Disaster Assistance

FEMA started accepting disaster assistance today (Sept. 15, 2013). You can do it one of two ways:

Apply for Assistance
– Call (800) 621-3362
– TTY (800) 462-7585

General Information:

I did it online and the process was fairly easy.

If you need assistance I suggest asking for it on the Jamestown QT or ask a neighbor.


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