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This is the last post of the Jamestown Connect. The website will remain up and available as a historical archive of the first year after the Great Jamestown Flood of 2013.

It was exactly one year ago today, to the minute (5:31 AM), that I published the first post, two days after Nancy and I were evacuated.

Sitting in Kara and Waldy’s house in Longmont (after they rescued Nancy, the pets, and me from the teeth rattling Blackhawk helicopter drop-off and Niwot High School, and put a roof over our heads for six weeks), I kept checking the QT for status and critical information, like how to contact FEMA, or when could I drive back to town in a borrowed car. But it was hard to find facts because there were so many messages scrolling by so fast from concerned friends and family.

I wished I had a resource that gave me just the factual information that we needed. Then it occurred to me that if I needed that then other residents did too.

So I started the Jamestown Connect with the idea that it would only contain immediately useful information for evacuees. Over the months the mission expanded to include:

  • Recovery-related actionable information and announcements of immediate interest
  • Posts of interest to the community that I hoped would help people find some peace, such as Flood Journals and the Shadow posts
  • Posts of better days before the flood to help us remember how it will be again, such as Sunday Reflection
  • With rare exception I did not post pictures of the disaster unless it helped tell a particular story, such as a few before and after photos. (However, I did create the Jamestown Shoebox linked to the site to be a collecting place for disaster and other photos by community photographers.)

Jamestown Connect gained a following, and I appreciate the many nice things that people have said to me about the website. The year’s stats include:

  • 402 posts
  • 36 Sunday Reflections
  • Over 53,000 views
  • Over 300 followers by email
  • Visitors from more than 30 countries
  • Numerous “likes” on Facebook

But the site was always meant to be temporary, as the banner says, “ . . . until we are together again.” Now, a year later, about 90% of the households have returned home. Some will never return.

A year ago I naively thought there will soon come a day when “we’ll be back to normal.” That was before I saw the devastation up close and personal and could comprehend the implications. Now it’s clear that the old normal may never be again. We are evolving to a new normal and I can’t predict what that looks like or when Jamestown will be there.

It may be years before there is a full recovery and the flood is a distant memory. But we have come a long way in a year thanks to the tenacity of Jimbillys and help from FEMA, State of Colorado. Boulder County, Red Cross, United Way, faith-based groups (like the Texas Baptists, Salvation Army,  and Mennonite Disaster Services), and an army of volunteers, to name a few. And last but not least, our hard working and dedicated Town Government. But I think we would have become just another abandoned mountain ghost town were it not for the remarkable leadership of our mayor, Tara Schoedinger.

In the last year we have gone from looking like this:

Jackie on Main Street_DSC1674
to this:

Clearly, we have come a long way. But there is a long way to go.

This is the spirit that will take us there . . .


To stay abreast of important information and the continued recovery, use these resources:

  • the QT
  • Jamestown Newsletters
  • Jamestown web site
  • If you are a resident, make sure you are on the town’s email list. Call the Town Office if you aren’t receiving town emails: 303.449.1806
  • Attend Community Meetings

I’d like to end with this photo of Shadow who has become the symbol of Jamestown’s survival and resilience. As John Hardman said, “Meow-tain Strong!


Regards and thanks for being the most amazing community that I could ever imagine.



Jamestown Newsletter, September 10, 2014

Anatomy of the 2013 flood, 1,000+ year event

The National Weather Service posted this file of the September flood with statistics, maps, and other interesting information.

Click the image to view.
nws flood

Jamestown Newsletter, August 25, 2014

Participate in a flood recovery study

From the University of Colorado:

Participate in a study on recovery from the 2013 Floods

University of Colorado Denver
Research Protocol 14-0029
(April-August 2014)

Was your home or property significantly damaged by the September floods? If so, we would like to talk to you! The purpose of our research study is to collect scientifically sound information on how households are recovering from the floods. The survey is done in-person and takes approximately 45 minutes. Responses are completely confidential.

Study participants will receive a $10 gift card in appreciation of their time.

The study is being conducted by four professors from the University of Colorado Denver: Carrie Makarewicz, Jeremy Nemeth, Andrew Rumbach, and Deborah Thomas.

Who can participate?
Current or former residents of Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties whose homes, rental units, mobile homes or property were significantly damaged by the 2013 floods.

To participate please call 510-962-6674 or email

Jamestown water engineer honored as Woman Engineer of the Year

Jennifer Aieta, the town’s water engineer, was recognized in Denver for her role in getting water restored to Jamestown in record time. Of course she did not act alone but without Jennifer Jamestown would have remained Cistern Vill for a very long time. The citizens of Jamestown are grateful for her tireless efforts at helping us to get back on our feet. Thank you Jennifer and congratulations!

photo 4

Jamestown Newsletter, August 8, 2014

Let the watering begin

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

Hi All,

With the progress we’ve made on the repairs to the water treatment plant and the distribution system, we’re ready to allow people to begin watering lawns and gardens again. This will help us to process more water through the new filters. Please share this information with your neighbors.

Until you are notified we are still on a Boil Water Advisory.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Tara Schoedinger

“Welcome to Jimtown” book signing at the Merc on Friday

welcome to jimtownJamestown resident Sylvia Welner is having a book signing at the Merc on Friday for her soon-to-be-published book “Welcome to Jimtown”. Sylvia is generously DONATING  100% OF HER PROFIT TO REBUILD JAMESTOWN. Come’on out and support Sylvia, support the Merc, and support Jamestown.

Where: The Merc
When: Friday, August 8, at 6 PM

The book is Welcome to Jimtown: Where the Animals Mean Funny Business. Yes, it takes place in and around the wilderness area of our town—especially the Merc! It’s fiction for young adult readers and up. It’s funny and it’s mostly about the wilderness animals, with the main character being Burnee the Bear.

The popular musician Matty G. from West Virginia will also be on hand to entertain on the guitar with special songs that go along with the stories from Sylvia’s book.

Display your art at the Jamestown flood commemoration

From Nina Andaloro:

To commemorate the anniversary of the September 2013 flood, Jamestown will host several events for the community to come together to reflect on the event and to imagine our collective future.

On Friday, September 12th we will host an art exhibition in the town hall for any resident of the greater Jamestown Community to share a flood inspired work with the community. Works can include but are not limited to painting, sculpture, writing, film, photography. Musicians, storytellers and performance artists are encouraged to sign-up for an open mic night on Saturday at the Merc.

We invite you to consider displaying your work to inspire and share with the community during this momentous time. In order to participate, you MUST register in advance, by August 23rd so that we can reserve a space for your work. Please contact Nina for more information or to reserve a space 303-449-1806.

Thank you!

Main Street in Jamestown closed next week; plan accordingly

From the Mayor of Jamestown:


This is to inform everyone that Duran and the Town need to close Main St through Town next week in order to repair service lines.

Main Street Closed (15th to Ward St)
Monday 7/28 – Friday 8/1
8:30am – 4:30pm
Expect delays outside of these hours

As we repair the drinking water distribution system in Town, we are required to meet current codes and standards which require the water main and curb valves to be 7 feet deep.  The old mains and valves were 5 feet deep at the most.  In order to restore function of the water system we are required to lower the ends of the private service lines to meet the new depth of the water main.  9 of the 22 water service lines on Main St are on the opposite side of the street from the water main.  For these 9 service lines Duran will need to dig a trench across the entire road which requires the road to be completely closed.

Duran is working closely with Boulder County Sheriff, Boulder County Transportation, Boulder County Transportation Communication, Left Hand Fire Protection District and Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department to ensure all agencies are aware of the closure.  Electronic signs will be placed at the bottom of Left Hand Canyon, Lee Hill Rd, James Canyon and the top of the switchbacks on Overland Rd.  Duran will continue to have traffic control in Town. This will NOT impact emergency services for anywhere in the Canyon or above.

Duran is working as hard as they can and will try to complete this work early.  Please be advised that if any issues are encountered it could extend the required closure.  Duran has run into unanticipated issues throughout this project such as radon, hydrocarbons and water that were not expected and required special mitigation procedures.  We appreciate how difficult this has been for everyone and we appreciate everyone’s patience during the Town’s recovery process.

Please call the Town Hall (303) 449-1806 or me if you have any questions.

Tara Schoedinger

Applications available for flood-related home repair and rental assistance

From Boulder County:

Flood-impacted residents may be eligible for CDBG-DR funding

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County has been awarded a first-round sum of more than $5 million in Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This money is to be used to help eligible homeowners impacted by the 2013 Flood who need financial assistance witheligible projects including home repairs (septic and well systems and individual driveways, bridges, and culverts) and temporary rental assistance.

“This funding could help about 200 of the most vulnerable households in Boulder County that are still struggling to recover from the damage done by the flood,” said Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner. “While this round of support is limited and has strict eligibility requirements, it’s a step in the right direction and we’re optimistic we’ll get more of this funding in the future.”


TODAY: Community input meeting on county road permanent repairs

From Erika Archer, Town of Jamestown:

County Road 94 (CR94) Public Input Meeting
CR94 includes: James Canyon, Mill St, Main St, Overland Rd
Wednesday, July 23 at 5:30
Town Hall, Jamestown

Please come share with us your ideas on what we should consider as the engineers begin to design the permanent repairs for CR94. Boulder County Transportation will also provide an update on the temporary paving project that the County plans to begin later this summer.


  • Introductions:
    • Boulder County
    • ECOM
  • Overlay Project
    •  Emergency/Temporary Plan
    • Permanent Plan CR 94
    • Resident input

Community meeting tonight

5:30 – 7:30 pm, The Merc, Jamestown

Jamestown Newsletter, July 18, 2014

Amazing but true

IMG_1009Holy mackerel!!!!! Jon Ashton was just at our house and we now have town water!!! Astounding progress. Our deepest gratitude to Jon and his team, Tara and the Trustees, and everybody else who had a hand in getting us to this point in so many domains, not just water. With all the dust, road closures/delays, beep-beep-beeping trucks, etc., it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come. So, coming very soon to your neighborhood: town water!

Nancy and Steve


This is not trick photography. That is real town water coming out of a real faucet In Jamestown. Not any of that fake cistern water.

July 11, 2014. Another day to remember. Exactly 10 months from the day the rains first started.

Community Meeting tonight

5:30 – 7:30 pm, The Merc, Jamestown

New Speed Limit in Jamestown, 15 MPH

From Julie Constantine, Town Board Trustee:

—– SPEED LIMIT CHANGE —- Approved by Jamestown Town Board Trustees


[Heading West: From the Stop sign (by the Fire hall) to approx. the Post Office]

Roads and Bridges are awaiting new signage and posts and will be up ASAP.

If you have any questions please contact Julie Constantine at

Today is the 4th of July 2014 and we are here

IMG_5537This is the first 4th of July after the great Jamestown Flood of 2013. Friends and neighbors are returning home but not everyone is back. Many streets are in taters with the water distribution under construction and water has not been restored yet. But the 4th of July celebration will go on today thanks to the herculean efforts of the 4th of July Coordinator, Leesa Bolden. Leesa has given selflessly to ensure that this day will happen in spite of her own house being significantly damaged in the flood, living in several temporary locations, and having her acupuncture and massage business turned upside down as well as her personal life  She has pulled it off along with the many volunteers who were not willing to forego the oldest tradition in Jamestown, the 4th of July celebration.

Here is Leesa’s message . . .

Hi there,

I am so excited for our celebration.

Parking is limited so please, please, please walk if you are able, and car pool.

Schedule of events:

  • 8:00-11:30 Pancake Breakfast
  • 8:00-8:45 Farmer Sisters
  • 9:00-9:45 Kevin Dooley and friends
  • 10:00-10:45 Iain Hyde
  • 11-11:45 Wild Mountain Kids

NOON: World’s Goofiest Parade featuring The Joey Howlett Kazoo Marching Band

  • Katie Farmer Sings National Anthem
  • 12:45- 2:15 The Fluffers (here from Chicago)
  • 2:30-4:00 Games and Wood Splitting Contest
  • 2:15-2:45 DJ Chad Zygoat
  • 2:30 till we run out Dom’s famous BBQ – hamburgers and hotdogs after that
  • 3:00-3:45 As the Crow Flies with Max DeVincenzo
  • 4:00-4:45 The Full Frequency Modulators
  • 5:15-6:00 Contraband
  • 6:30-7:30 The Alcapones
  • 8:00-9:30 Gasoline Lollipops
  • 10:00 Big Medicine Gang

Prizes for the raffle came pouring in the past three days…
There’s wine, gift certificates for liquor, the cutest ever ukulele, MyChelle At-Home Facial Collection (6 products in a cosmetic bag) valued at $175 retail, a necklace from Jan Dorsey, Sylvia Welners signed books (available in August), adorable earrings, it just goes on!!!

  • Savory Spice Shop ~ Tasting for 20 people ($300 Value)
  • Greenbriar Restaurant ~ Champagne Brunch for 2
  • Gold Hill Inn ~ $100 Gift Certificate
  • Hotel Boulderado ~ One free night in a Boulderado King Room
  • Woodley’s Fine Furniture ~ $100 Gift Card
  • Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery ~ 2-$50; 1-$25 Gift Certificates
  • Under The Sun ~ $25 Gift Certificate
  • Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar ~ $50 Gift Card
  • Arugula Restaurant ~ $30 Gift Card
  • Tangerine ~ $20 Gift Card
  • Murphy’s Grill ~ $25 Gift Card
  • Salvaggio’s Deli ~ 2 – $25 Gift Cards
  • Tortuga’s ~ A fish house $40 Gift Card
  • Jese Engwall ~ Framed Art – Value
  • UMBA
  • Blaster Bouncer ~ $75 gift certificate
  • Boulder Arts & Crafts ~ $40 gift card
  • Heather Yahnke ~ Free Heatherization (that’s a haircut above other haircuts)
  • Mountain Strong Wellness Center ~ Free one hour massage; 1 free acupuncture treatment
  • Harmony Music School ~ 3 free intro music lessons
  • Full Cycle ~ Gift certificate
  • Liberty Puzzles ~ 3 small puzzles
  • Bob Taratino Recording Studio ~ 3 hours of recording plus CD

plus a whole lot more….

Looking forward to seeing you.

So much gratitude for this town. Mwah to all of you.

There is a lot that has gone into this 4th preparation and there are many balls that I have dropped. Thank you for picking them up, I am overwhelmed right now to say the least.

Leesa Bolden ~ 4th of July Chairwoman ~ who could have never pulled this off without the help of Javayne Jenkins, thank you.

Flood anniversary planning announcement

From the Mayor of Jamestown:


Please join us for the first September Flood Anniversary Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 8.

At this initial meeting we will discuss the timelines, activities already planning in Boulder County, and we’ll appoint a chairperson(s) who will report back to the Community and the Town Board the activities of this Committee.

  • Who: The Greater Jamestown Community
  • What: September Flood Anniversary Planning Committee
  • When: Tuesday, July 8 at 4pm
  • Where: The Merc

Please join us for this meeting. If you are unable to attend, but you would like to be included in future meetings, please contact Erika Archer (


Community Meeting tonight

5:30 – 7:30 pm, The Merc, Jamestown

Town Water Start Up & Boil Water Advisory

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

As we prepare to restore water service to the Town, PLEASE READ this important information.  We will need to have everyone’s participation during this process.

The current schedule* is:

 Activity Duration
 Construction of temporary water line from WTP to Mesa St 6/5 – 6/20
 Restoration of the Town’s water tanks 6/5 – 6/20
 Replacement of the WTP sand filters 6/5 -7/4
 Activation of the water lines on Mesa, Spruce, 16th, Pine, Porphyry, Gillespie 6/30
 Construction of the water line and Ward St 6/20-7/3
 Activation of the water line on Ward St 7/3
 Construction of the water line and Main St (Ward to JVFD) 6/25-7/18
 Activation of the water line on Main St (Ward to JVFD) 7/19
 Construction of the water line on High St and 15th St 7/20-8/3
 Activation of the water line on High St and 15th St 8/4
 Construction of the water line on Lower Main St and 12th 7/20-8/4
 Activation of the water line on Lower Main St and 12th 8/4
 Construction of Ward St Box Culvert 6/30 – 7/17
 Construction of Gillespie Gulch Culvert (being redesigned) 7/26 – 7/29
 Construction of permanent water line from WTP to Mesa St 8/6 – 8/8

* Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Duran Excavating, the Town’s water distribution system contract, will notify property owners within 7 days of work starting on the water lines near your house.  This will include the dates scheduled for flushing and activation of the water main and service line for your property. You will be responsible for flushing and activating the plumbing inside your house.

Printed copies of the attached notice are available at the Town Hall.

Please contact me or the Town Hall (303-449-1806) if you have any questions.


Construction Update

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

These are construction notices from Duran Excavating (DEI). They are working hard to stay on schedule to bring our community home by August.

Ward St Distribution System and Road Repairs
Construction of the waterline will begin on Tuesday. It is scheduled to take approximately 2 weeks. This will include some road reconstruction, but it does not include the culvert for Little James Creek.

12th Street Road Repairs
Construction of the upper 12th St repairs will begin on Monday. It is scheduled to take approximately 2 weeks. This does not include the box culvert for Gillespie Gulch or the water lines. Those are planned for a future date.

During this construction there will be limited access between 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Home owners will have access, however there will be some delay. You should schedule about 15 minutes of delay.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


Tara Schoedinger

Jamestown Newsletter, June 13, 2014

Road updates

Road Updates submitted by Jamestown:

  • Emergency Asphalt Overlay: Boulder County has announced that they will do an Emergency Asphalt Overlay on Lefthand Canyon Dr., James Canyon Dr. and Fourmile Canyon Drive. This will include stabilization to sections of the road that have been undercut, and pavement in certain areas. The estimated project cost is $1-2M. To begin soon.
  • Travel and cycling restrictions on non-local traffic still in place on James Canyon Drive. The road will be OPEN to motorists and cyclists for the 4th of July.
  • Access to the Merc remains wide open!

Find Road Updates here.

Community Meeting tonight

5:30 – 7:30 pm, The Merc, Jamestown

Water systems repairs underway


Mighty team of volunteers repairs 16th Street and . . .

From the Jamestown Volunteer Coordinator:

With the help of a mighty group of volunteers yesterday, we:
• Made temporary repairs to the road (near the part of Anderson Hill next to the school)
• Moved some essential items for Mennonite Disaster Service
• Helped move some items for a neighbor
• Moved a piano!
• Cleaned up a yard along the creek
• Moved a neighbor to a temporary location so her home can be repaired
• Lay gravel and begin to lay a path
• Make a home safer from fire danger by moving wood away from home


Water restoration schedule announced

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

As many of you have heard me say before, our goal is to have our water and roads (not including Andersen) repairs completed by August so we can bring our Community home. This won’t be an easy process for our Community, but it’s necessary to bring everyone home.

We met with Duran Excavating yesterday, the contractor hired to repair our water distribution system and roads, to review their schedule. Work is beginning today. Their current schedule is:

Activity Duration
Construction of temporary water line from WTP to Mesa St
Restoration of the Town’s water tanks
6/5 – 6/20
Replacement of the WTP sand filters 6/5 – 6/13
Activation of the water lines on Mesa, Spruce, 16th, Pine, Porphyry, Gillespie 6/28
Construction of the water line and Ward St 6/14 – 6/27
Activation of the water line on Ward St 6/28
Construction of the water line and Main St (Ward to JVFD) 6/25 – 7/16
Activation of the water line on Main St (Ward to JVFD) 7/18
Construction of the water line on High St and 15th St 7/9 – 7/22
Activation of the water line on High St and 15th St 7/23
Construction of the water line on Lower Main St and 12th 7/17 – 8/3
Activation of the water line on Lower Main St and 12th 8/4
Construction of Ward St Box Culvert 6/30 – 7/29
Construction of Gillespie Gulch Culvert (being redesigned) TBD
Construction of permanent water line from WTP to Mesa St TBD


Please note that the TBDs are currently begin discussed with AMEC and Duran. The permanent line behind the WTP will be installed when the water level is down and it’s safe for Duran to work in the water.

Duran will be working 7-days per week from 7am to 7pm. These are the same hours as Colt & Steel.

Please note that this schedule will change as we get into the project. I sincerely apologize that things have moved quickly and I didn’t have a schedule to communicate sooner. I will continue to do my best to keep everyone updated as more information becomes available. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me. My cell phone works at home.


Tara Schoedinger

Come to the Jamestown Support Group in town tomorrow (Wed. June 4)

From “Town Hall Erika”:

Wednesday, June 4th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Jamestown Community Church

Please join us, Rebecca Lawrence, Jamestown Community Advocate, and Tamira Jenlink, a responder with the Left Hand Fire Department during and after the flood. She has a private practice in Boulder focused on working with PTSD and trauma related concerns.

More info here.

Do you have work for volunteers?

From the Jamestown Volunteer Coordinator, Nina Andoloro:

We have a volunteer day scheduled for this Saturday, June 7th (9 am – 2 pm) and we NEED work! If you have something that you would like help with, please let me know as soon as you are able. Landscaping, debris removal, moving assistance, etc. we can help! Please double check with me even if you have already spoken to me about your work – just to be sure I have it on the schedule.

If you would like to volunteer as a team lead on Saturday, we would love to have you. Responsibilities of a team lead are to get the details of the work, make sure your team has the right tools, take them to the job site, communicate with the home owner and get your team working! Not every job requires the team lead to stay at the site, but if you are willing, it is great motivation for the team!

Thank you!

Community Meeting tonight

5:30 – 7:30 pm, The Merc, Jamestown

Jamestown Newsletter, May 19

flagFrom Leesa, 4th of July Chairwoman:

Hey there,

We still in need of a 4th of July breakfast coordinator. If we don’t find someone soon to head up the pancake breakfast we may nix the breakfast all together…

I know we are all busy… lots to do on my house and amidst all that I am overseeing all of the 4th. So… Got some hours to help??? I can’t do it all myself.

Other areas: Donations committee, Pie & Cake contest coordinator, kids games…

They say… If you want something done get a busy person to do it.

Thanks All,


Leesa Bolden – 4th of July Chairwoman

Call for volunteers

Contributed by David Mans:

Volunteer Weekend! Help us spread the word – we need VOLUNTEERS for this Saturday, May 17th! Please post to your Facebook, friends, family or work group. We have residents who are looking for help and some are time sensitive. Volunteers must sign-up using the following link so that we know how many people we will have. We will have lunch, snacks and coffee but we ask that they bring appropriate clothing and footwear, water, and work gloves.

Sign up here. 

If you are looking for help, please contact Nina at nina DOT andaloro AT jamestownco DOT org

James Canyon closed to non-local traffic

From Boulder County :

Due to continued recovery and repair operations associated with the 2013 Flood, Boulder County is re-establishing restrictions on non-local traffic, including bicycles. The restrictions are in James Canyon from the junction with Left Hand Canyon, through Jamestown, to the junction with State Highway 72 (Peak to Peak). Restrictions will go into effect immediately. Lefthand Canyon will remain open to all roadway users.

More here:

Small business grant application process is now open

From Erika Archer, Town of jamestown:

FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Re: The Small Business Grant (Application Opened Today)

1) If you are considering applying for the Small Business Grant (Recover Colorado Business Grant and Loan), please complete the “short” application TODAY. This is not the complete application, but a shortened version – and it will get your name in the system. We are being told that it is imperative that you get your name on the list as quickly as possible – filling out this short application will accomplish this: (you will need to click the “please navigate here” link on the third bullet point to set up a login)

2) In order to be considered for this grant, you must ALSO apply for the SBA EIDL loan. This is different than the initial SBA loan through FEMA that many people have already applied for. According to the SBDC (Small Business Development Center), this should be done “yesterday” (ASAP) – but it’s not too late. Here is the link to the EIDL loan info and application:

3) I have a sign-up sheet in the office to meet with an SBDC rep throughout the day on Thursday of next week. They would like to work one-on-one with people to get the Small Business Grant application completed, so please let me know if and when (what time) you could meet the rep at Town Hall on Thursday between 10-5

Town Office #: 303-449-1806 (Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions!)

Calling all quilters

From Boulder County:

April 28, 2014

Contact: Katie Arrington, Flood Recovery Public Information Specialist, 303-441-1609

Boulder County Begins Flood Recovery Collaborative Quilt Project

Local and national quilters asked to submit original squares to project

Boulder County, Colo. – In order to commemorate the upcoming one year anniversary of the devastating 2013 Flood, a collaborative quilt project will serve as a long-lasting memorial to Boulder County residents’ resiliency. The quilt will follow the theme “Boulder County: Strong and Beautiful.”


Howlett house to be removed and other updates

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program activities this week.

  • Joey’s house will be removed beginning on Friday.
  • Colt & Steel are nearing completion of the in-channel work over the next week. Once they’re complete with the in-channel work they’ll finish up the work outside the channel
  • The Anderson Hill Bridge will be removed this week to allow the completion of the in-channel work.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this week’s EWP activities.

Love to an incredibly special Community in this difficult time.


Tara Schoedinger


Jamestown lost one of the great ones. I’ll miss you Tom.


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