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Jamestown Newsletter, September 10, 2014


Wonderful Jamestown kid’s flood video

Jamestown Newsletter, August 25, 2014

Spring Runoff Reminder

From Erika, Town of Jamestown:

Contact 911 for Emergencies related to increased creek flows.

The weather forecast predicts warmer weather for the next several days. Please be aware of increased creek flows. If you see a developing hazard/emergency related to creek flows please call 911. A deputy will be dispatched to investigate. The County has heavy equipment contractors on standby to address emergency conditions.

Jamestown Newsletter, April 20

Jamestown Newsletter, March 31

Presentation from Spring Runoff Preparedness Meetings

From Boulder County Commissioners:

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the Boulder County Spring Runoff & Community Preparedness meetings held earlier this month.  We had over 825 people attend during our four nights of meetings.

We have posted the PowerPoint presentation, videotape of one meeting and the High Hazard Project maps  on the website:


How to move a creek

Here is a handy guide on how to move a creek as documented in photographs by Laurel Wanrow.

Step 1: Place big yellow thing in post-Jamestown flood creek and start digging


Step 2: Tidy-up post-flood creek


Step 3: Dig channel for new creek


Step 4: Divert water to new creek


Step 5: Grade the road where the post-flood creek used to be


Step 6: Welcome town-folk to the new Ward Road with creek back were it started before the Jamestown flood


Watch the Post-Disaster Income Tax workshop

From Boulder County:

For those who were unable to attend the Post-Disaster Income Tax Workshop in Boulder on Feb. 12, this video is a similar one that was presented in El Paso County on Feb. 13.

The workshop addressed fire and flood loss, so it delves deeply into possible insurance scenarios in addition to flood loss issues. An explanation about how the national disaster declaration can impact tax consequences is near the end of the presentation at 2:01:16.


Spring Runoff & Community Preparedness Meetings, March 10-13

Boulder County, Colo. – In an effort to inform residents about the risks associated with the upcoming post-flood spring runoff, Boulder County is hosting Spring Runoff & Community Preparedness Meetings.

 These meetings will include information about potential spring runoff and summer flooding hazards, emergency preparedness measures, and updates about recovery projects such as the Comprehensive Creek Planning Initiative, FEMA buyout program, CDBG-DR funding, flood insurance, and housing assistance. Additionally the county will present an assessment of hazardous conditions and possible mitigation strategies such as debris removal, creek bank stabilization and channel restoration. The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County will also be in attendance to provide information about resources to meet individual unmet needs. 

Jamestown/Lefthand Canyon/James Canyon/Streamcrest/Brigadoon/Oriole Estates/Nimbus Road

When: March 12, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Where: First United Methodist Church, 1421 Spruce St., Boulder


Ignore DO NOT CALL LIST post

I have taken down my previous post about the do not call list. It appears to be a scam. Please do not follow up on it.  You can read about it here. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Sal. –Steve–

View the flood damage and insurance workshop online

From the Boulder County Land Use Department:

Workshop, Part 1

Workshop, Part 2



Free Post-Disaster Tax Workshop

tax workshop

Rebuilding and Restoration Guide is now available

Jamestown, with the help of many, has put together a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the complex task of rebuilding after the Jamestown Flood. The guide is available on the Jamestown web site and for direct download here.

FEMA’s rent assistance formula revealed

When you apply for recertification for continued FEMA rent assistance you are required to provide income and housing expenses . What FEMA does not explain in the forms is how they will use that information to determine if they will give you more rent assistance. However, through various conversations with FEMA I have a good indication of their “formula” which I think is worth knowing about.


What is a floodplain and why should you care?

As Jamestown moves into the post-Jamestown Flood recovery process we are hearing more and more about floodplains, FIRMs, and NIFP. Coleen Williams has kindly provided information about these terms and why they matter.


How to care for endangered trees

Chris Toney, ISA Arborist and owner of TLC Tree Care in Eldorado Springs talks with us about our trees and how they were affected by the flood. He has valuable information to share.


Quick Links

Long-Term Flood Recovery Assistance Rebuilding and Restoration Guide
Jamestown Recovery Plan 9 Guiding Principles for Jamestown
Visit the Town of Jamestown web site FEMA’s rent assistance formula revealed

Community meeting tonight with mega help

Dear Jamestown Residents:

Resources will be available prior to tonight’s Community Meeting.

When:    Wednesday, December 18 at 5:30pm
Where:   Casey Middle School, 1301 High Street, Boulder in the Auditorium


How to minimize interruptions in FEMA rent assistance

These suggestions were provided by Alisa from FEMA who is in Jamestown. Following them will not guarantee that your future rent assistance will not hit some bumps, but they should help. The premise is that each time you file you want to make it easy as possible for the random FEMA processor who is handling your request.



Mold and Water Advice

From: Boulder County Public Health

If you are worried about mold or the safety of your water after September’s flooding, Boulder County Public Health offers free advice. Visit or call 303-441-1564 to speak to an Environmental Health specialist.

Volunteers–log your hours

Your volunteer time in Jamestown is extremely valuable to the town. It counts as in-kind contribution towards the amount that FEMA and the State will require the town to pay in recovery costs. For example, if the town’s share is $2 million dollars it becomes $1 million if there is $1 million in in-kind contribution.

The log sheet are in the big Town Hall room . . . either Samantha or Elizabeth from FEMA are in there coordinating volunteers and can direct you to the sign-up sheet. 


Replace your important papers

FEMA has provided guidance here on ways to get duplicates of destroyed or missing documents.

Excellent source of free and/or low cost furniture and clothing

Check out Fabulous Findings in the Twin Peaks Mall in Longmont. They have two store fronts across from each other. One is chock full of free donated goods from furniture to clothing which tends to more abundant and nicer then I’ve seen elsewhere. The other is directly across the hallway and has very nice furniture and tchotchke being sold on consignment. However, they have a donation fund and can apply some money from that fund to offset the price of items.  So the seller gets what they want but you pay less (which could be significantly less based on our experience). They are also very nice to deal with. They will want your FEMA number so come prepared. –Steve–

You may be eligible for a free mattress

Mountain High Appliance is giving away free mattresses to flood victims. Apply here.

Get help from the “ask me anything” Community Advocate

Rebecca Lawrence is the new Community Advocate for Jamestown. She says:

Ask me anything.: questions/problems concerning benefits through the system; local resources; emotional support; housing needs; home furnishings; clothing, etc.. There are no trivial questions. I don’t have all the answers but, I will find them for you.” –Rebecca–

Click the VALUABLE RESOURCES link in the sidebar to contact Rebecca.

Matt’s warning to delay paying off mortgage with SBA money

At last night’s community meeting in Boulder, Matt Kolhass strongly recommended that people hold off on paying off their mortgages with money received from the SBA. He said that that it may not be to their benefit in the long run. Matt is researching the process and tradeoffs and will report back to the community. He did not have time to go into any more details.



We are encouraging all Jamestown homeowners who were affected by the flood to get your work orders in with the Southern Baptists if you need anything done with your home.


Boulder County flood recovery hub

All sorts of helpful information–phone numbers, housing help, request help, etc.

New Colorado web site for recovery information

Announcing the new, useful and timely Official State of Colorado Website for Recovery Information and Resources for Colorado flood survivors. The name — Colorado United — was chosen to illustrate how communities are coming together to help. You can find a wealth of info on housing, safety, where to donate, and much more.

Contact Fred’s if you need propane over the winter

Fred’s is asking Jamestown residents to contact them if you need propane over the winter:


Phone: (303) 444-1787

Free Boulder County workshop on flood damage and insurance claims

Who should attend?

All residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the recent flooding are encouraged to attend this workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A portion of the program and get answers from a FEMA representative and an expert on consumer advocacy and insurance claims.


Critical financial deadline approaching

As we learned at the town meeting on Wednesday, the name SBA is a real misnomer. (Government, go figure.) The SBA is a major source of PERSONAL and business assistance in the form of low interest and/or grants if you qualify. The tricky part is that there’s no way to know if you qualify unless you apply. The application deadline is Nov. 14, 2013 and if you miss that you are out of luck if you find out you need personal assistance after that date. For example, if a crack shows up in your foundation later on due to the super-saturated soil..

Keep checking the countdown timer in the right sidebar so you don;t get caught by surprise and miss the deadline.

More insurance advice if you have been denied coverage

If you think you have been unjustifiably denied insurance coverage (such as denied continuation of homeowners insurance) you can follow these steps:

  1. Ask for a denial letter in writing with the reason for the denial. Tell them you want it so that you can give it to  the State Division of Insurance. You may find that  they suddenly reverse their decision right there. If not go to the next step when you get the denial letter.
  2. Call Tracy Garceau when you have the denial letter and have her advise you on what to do next. 303.894.7803
  3. Share your experience in a Comment to this post so that others can benefit from your experience of what worked and what didn’t.

A Jamestown resident was recently able to quickly get a decision reversed at Step 1.

Rent, food, etc. assistance for qualifying residents

For qualifying Boulder or Broomfield County resident, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) may be able to assist with rent, food, transportation, housing deposit, emergency hotel, eyeglasses, minor medical and dental costs, energy-related utilities like gas/electric/propane, ID and birth certificate fees.

Call 303.442.3042 to make an appointment for EFAA’s Boulder, Lafayette, Broomfield, or Nederland offices.


Insurance changes are coming

Tracy Garceau from the Colorado Division of Insurance was at tonight’s town meeting. She said that the on Friday the State was going to pass emergency insurance regulations that would stop certain abuses by insurance companies. One that she mentioned is stopping companies from denying insurance renewals because the house is not occupied.


Important advice for certain heating systems

If you have a closed cycle hot water heating system (circulating hot water) then here is something that may interest you.


Free legal services for flood victims

Read about the free legal services here.

Boulder Canyon Is Open

Originally posted by Sal on the QT.

Serious upgrade to the commute. 55 minutes 36 miles from McGucks through Ned to home over silky smooth Peak to Peak Hwy. Boulder Canyon looked almost untouched until you get to the narrows area and then you see where they patched in about 1/8 mile of new road…hardly a bump but I’d be a bit wary of rocks falling still. Pretty sure going down will be quicker since we were hauling a trailer loaded with 2000 lbs of wood pellets. Small victory for all and we now have a semi-convenient rest-stop in Nederland! I bet Sunshine traffic will return to a more manageable level now. BTW there was a large crew of TV news trucks at the base of the canyon…

Winterize your house if it’s not going to be heated

The following was posted on the QT by John G.

Random thoughts on winterizing:

The water line to the fridge is full of water. Disconnect it after shutting off the supply. The inlet valve is, too, and won’t empty unless you disconnect all of the water lines inside the fridge and shake it out. The built-in filter is full of water. So is the plastic line inside the box, coiled up so you get chilled water out of the door.

The same goes for the water supply line to the dishwasher.

Flush the toilet, leaving the tank empty.

If your shower has a physical handle to direct the flow to the shower head, the pipe in the wall is full of water unless you turn the handle halfway so it can drain.

If you have a booster pump for pressure, it will be full of water.

Disconnect the water hoses to the washing machine. Start a warm cycle to open both hot and cold valves for a bit. Advance to spin and let that run for a bit too.

“Learned the hard way”

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