An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

September 11th, 2013, the little town of Jamestown was going to sleep.

When all of a sudden there came the thunder, then came the rain.
Then came the roaring that sounded like a train.

The Jamestown Flood was on its way
to making history on this day.

We stood by and watched as things came to pass.
The water, the rocks, the trees and the trash.

For two days and two nights it was like a war zone.
The helicopters taking the people from their homes.

Then things settled down in a day or two
And it seemed as though no one knew what to do.

Then, one morning the town work up to a bright, bright light.
We looked up the road and Oh, what a sight.

There were yellow shirts here and there were yellow shirts there.
There were Southern Baptist men and women everywhere.

They came to town with the one thing in mind,
to clean up the mess the flood left behind.

And clean up they did with smiles on their faces.
Removing the mud and the trash from so many places.

Now and then they would stop to say a prayer
And give thanks to man who was watching from upstairs.

And then it came time for them to go home.
They came down the road in their cars and trucks all shiny with chrome.

We lined both sides of the road to say goodbye
As they drove off, as it into the sky.

(I think that is where they came from to help the little Town of Jamestown)

— Leon Hill —
Jamestown Resident


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