An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Elyssian Park – July 4, 2014 – Jamestown, CO

There’s Nina – coordinator of volunteers – unflaggingly drumming up support from a Jimtowner, in what might seem like an endless and energetic enterprise. There’s Joy relating her gorgeous story about her gorgeous ceramic bowls. Made out of the damn flood mud!!! Carefully hand-rolled mud balls placed in a bowl-shaped mold by post-event towners, young and old; smoothed by fingertips on the inner surface; painted shades of Mother Nature and fired solid to offer to those re-building Mennonites, Baptists, cyclists, the EPA, the first responders returning for a “Hello”. [Continued]

Photos by Steve Edelstein.

There’s an eyeball sting. There’s Alex, a little whiplashed from 6 months without work to a cyclone of work; keeping him from his beloved studio. Anticipate the day it’s back to lightwashed rainbow colors in there…scene of many a stained-glass and watercolor workshop with the most generous of mentors. Colleen, Jamestown EMS, pedals off to the park with her young adult daughter who grew up here. What would THAT be like?! Maybe you’d be most familiar with hummingbirds the way city-dwellers are with pigeons!

Every year, every event I get to attend…a little more Jamestown seeps in. No wonder; I’m sure the pores, the lungs, visual detail center in the brain – all expand and suck everything in while up here. It is expansive here; this landscape, the wind, loud water, relief to be on the other side of Floodzilla, Community.

I think about letting-go when I’m up here now. The kind of letting-go that helps you hang onto your sanity. And how are ‘letting-go’ and ‘re-building’ connected? Tap root level, probably. “Change” isn’t a euphemism for loss. It’s change.

So in the remodeled Jamestown, I sense more of a welcome towards unfamiliar faces than a battlement for locals. I sense characteristics critical to re-building that have come to be verdant in this town. I sense something dazed and dazzled in all of us processing that we’re in the large park again on the 4th of July, hippiehood Americana at full flag; enjoying our somewhat crusty pancakes drizzled with the sun-warmed syrup and swapping stories at the yards of party tables. That’s the Irish/Celtic band again, right? The babies are dancing, the earth mamas are dancing, that’s even a volunteer fireman dancing! The guy with the yellow swallowtail kite just got it hooked in not one, but two trees across the field. Oh ya, it’s time to blow up the anvil!

Tough stuff…steel anvils, human vision and resolve, kite string, granite boulders directing the creek/river, ties that bind us to people and places…mountain strong.

Lynne Grieve

P.S., from Tara, the Mayor of Jamestown
THANK YOU to everyone who made yesterday the most special 4th of July ever! Thank you to Leesa, JaVayne, Deej, Michael, all volunteers, cooks, servers, donations, Eco Products (Mary), Green Girl Recycling (Bridget and Matt), the incredible raffle prizes, the amazing merchandise, the incredibly talented bands, and the most special Community ever. xo


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