An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

From the Jamestown Volunteer Coordinator:

With the help of a mighty group of volunteers yesterday, we:
• Made temporary repairs to the road (near the part of Anderson Hill next to the school)
• Moved some essential items for Mennonite Disaster Service
• Helped move some items for a neighbor
• Moved a piano!
• Cleaned up a yard along the creek
• Moved a neighbor to a temporary location so her home can be repaired
• Lay gravel and begin to lay a path
• Make a home safer from fire danger by moving wood away from home

Thank you to our TEAM LEADS:
Annamaria Boehms
Lynda Bell
Julie Constantine
Sterling Bennink

To our RESIDENT volunteers:
Mason Bennink
Steve Edelstein
Mark W.
Jen L.
Rainbow (for making the sandwiches)
Shane -holding down the fort
Joshua B. (Bar-K)
Allen (FEMA)

Susi Gardner (friend to the Stokes) for the WONDERFUL variety of baked goods!

And to all the STRONG and CARING people who came up to join us – Lisa J., Eiko, Perry, Rahem, Lamar – We LOVE you guys!

We will have volunteers in town this WEDENESDAY, June 11th and will work from the work order list, but IF YOU HAVE FLOOD RELATED tasks (moving, debris removal, skilled repairs, etc.) please let me know ASAP – nina.andaloro AT

THANK YOU everyone for your continued support of our town’s recovery!


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