An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Mercferds in the Septic
Mercfrds in the Septic, ca 2000


Comments on: "Sunday Reflection" (3)

  1. What’s the story on this; for those of us who weren’t here yet?

  2. Nancy Farmer said:

    LOL! One of the best nights EVER at the Merc!

  3. The story is that the Merc’s septic field was being replaced and there was a big hole where the front lawn now is. It was also party Saturday night at the Merc (like that’s a rare thing). It may Have been Jan R’s birthday but I’m not certain about that. Anyway, as things will happen, somebody had an idea–hey, let’s all get in the septic hole. The funniest thing to me is that folks got in not to take a picture, it was just the thing to do (when you are falling down drunk). But I had my camera and the rest is history.

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