An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Jamestown’s emergency spring runoff creek mitigation work has begun. Runoff is expected to begin May 1st, with a few potentially high days in April. Snow pack is 169-248% of normal this year. Two major projects have begun to prepare for the runoff: realigning the creek on Ward Road back to it’s pre-Jamestown Flood location; shaping and “hardening” the creek below Ward Road. Residents should be aware of the schedule below involving heavy construction vehicles.

These photos were taken by Laurel Wanrow.

65 Ward

62 Ward

Confluence of Little Jim and Big Jim


Ward Road Realignment: Monday AM – Tuesday

Surveyor will be staking and we will begin the road / river swap. We estimate this to be 2 Days. Road access will be unavailable starting at 51 Ward St and going up until this work is complete. (Todd talk to residents in cabins for 10 minutes)

Creek Shaping: Monday – Saturday
Continue working in the upper Reach areas above Ward Rd. with surveyor and excavation of channel. This will continue downward towards town all week as quickly as we can go. Any updates that would directly impact the residents I will let you know. Continue in the creek with surveying and equipment throughout upper reach sections and misc. work closer to town.

Rock Delivery: Midweek Planned
CDOT rock blasting and trucking the rock from Lyons to Jamestown is on track to begin mid week. We are in contact with CDOT and the GC, ACC in charge of blasting and loading. We are waiting for them to send us trucking waivers before we can begin the hauling of rock. Once we sign it I will notify you and then the town will see some trucks delivering the armor throughout each day. Once we have a feel of the loading time and the turn around time for each truck run we can be more precise in the trucking schedule for delivery times and let you know.

Traffic Sign Delivery & Placement: Monday or Tuesday
We have some traffic control signs coming to town as well. Please let the residents know that we may need to strategically place these in front of certain homes throughout the course of the project. We will be careful not to block driveways or place in a position that is line with any pedestrian access. As unattractive as the signs can be they are necessary to slow down traffic and to alert folks of the construction areas.

Fuel Tank Arriving: Monday
We are bringing in a tank for the heavy equipment most likely Monday. It is a self contained unit and will be parked in the staging area behind the trailer.

Volunteer Creek Cleaning: All Week & Saturday
Nina is planning a creek cleaning effort for this Saturday and possibly throughout this week. Folks can feel free to volunteer from here on out to remove any trash from the creek as we move through town. It will help keep the machines working and will also help to mitigate any trash from potentially being buried.


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