An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Posted is from Nina Andaloro:

On Saturday, February 22nd (with an inclement weather date of March 1), we will have nearly 50 volunteers who will be helping Jamestown residents (only) with a variety of tasks between 9 am – 2 pm.

Here are some ideas with how volunteers can help you and your neighbors:

  • moving help – boxing up items, moving boxes, stacking boxes
  • removing fixtures from a home that will be repaired or demo’d including lights, wood stoves, special features within your home that you would like to save – ceiling fans, light switches, etc.
  • stacking wood piles for the winter
  • removing and moving debris, yard clean-up

I will be contacting you if you have already submitted a work order that can be done by this group. We are sorry but there will be no digging happening during this event due to the weather. We are, however, trying to attract individuals with large equipment.

Please note that this work day is for JT residents but I hope to schedule a similar day in later March for James Canyon.

Contact me to request assistance 303-449-1806 or via email

We’re looking forward to getting some stuff done so please let us know what you have for this amazing group!

Thank you!


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