An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Mayor Tara recently received word that there is a FREE HOUSE that could be MOVED to Jamestown for a flood survivor. Please respond directly to Hugh Moore ( ) to learn more about the selection process. (He is not the owner) Out of respect, please only respond if you lost your house during the flood.


Historic Boulder, Inc., is trying to save a small historic house in Boulder from demolition, and the only option left is to move the structure and relocate it somewhere in the area. The house is + 850 sq ft, wood-frame with shake-shingle roof (which will have to be replaced). It has been unoccupied and neglected for several years, so it will take some work to get it in shape, but it has some very nice features — fireplace, interior french doors, nice moldings and wood floors. There is a covered front porch and a small enclosed back porch.

The history of the house is significant. For forty-five years it was the home of Ted Allen, a ten-time world champion horseshoe pitcher who once threw seventy-two consecutive ringers and took 771 victories. He performed at Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden and with celebrities such as Roy Rogers. He is still known to enthusiasts as the Babe Ruth of Horseshoes.

Allen also manufactured horseshoes for the game, and the company still produces them. As many as 75% of world championship contestants use the Allen shoe. Allen’s connection to the history of old Boulder makes his former home an important contribution to the area, and Historic Boulder is anxious to save it. Even with a little work that will be needed, this can be a great head start on a new home. And we feel it’s true that the greenest building projects are the ones that already exist.

The house can be viewed on the north side of Linden Avenue about one block west of Broadway in Boulder. We are in the process of determining the cost of moving the house, and we may be able to arrange for at least some of the expense. The current owner is willing to donate the house.


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