An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

This first appeared on the QT, posted by David Mans.

Back from yet another meeting led by Tara tonight. We very much second the “Hip Hooray” from Jon, Ron and everyone else for your efforts Tara. It’s a little scary to imagine where we’d be without your leadership. It’s clearly not an easy job, and the choices aren’t always going to be straightforward, but your working toward the best interest of the town seems very clear.

And it would be an oversight not to consider all of the efforts by everyone else working for the town too. The whole town board has worked way above the normal call of duty. Wendy Stokes, Martine, Leesa and others on the park GOCO efforts. The flood liaison team. Arne with the Fire Dept. Mark stepping up as the Flood Plain Administrator, Colleen with Watershed work. Jon Ashton and Emma’s work on the water plant. Rainbow and Adam for keeping life as we knew it alive with the Merc. Mateo and Greg Baurer cutting the hell out of the wood. All the volunteers in the Town Hall, Nina, Rebecca, Karen, all the others. Erika for coming down the hill. Mark Wish for all the pics. Steve Edelstein for JamestownConnect. Sterling for the survey work. Beth, for being Beth. Leon’s machining. Etc, etc.

When you really stop to think about who to appreciate for what’s happened so far and for all the effort to come, it’s amazing how many people have stepped up to help our community. This list could go on for pages. It’s a humbling and beautiful thing to see what we’re doing for ourselves and our town. Obviously we’ve also got a whole ton of outside agencies and people to thank also but I think that it’s the lead of our town that is encouraging this attention. This kind of love and commitment wouldn’t just happen in any old town.

Good for Us!! We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ll get there!


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