An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

This is a reminder about tomorrow night’s Town Board Meeting. It’s a really exciting one, so I hope you can join us! The Community Meeting and Board Meeting will be combined for this important order of business.

Tuesday, January 21 at 5:30pm
Boulder County Courthouse
1325 Pearl Street
3rd Floor, Commissioners’ Hearing Room

There has been an extraordinary amount of hard work, Community engagement, and support from so many people from within and outside of our Community to get us to where we are today.

Where are we? You ask.

We managed to do what many people said was impossible, we have completed the Jamestown Stream Corridor Master Plan 2-days ahead of schedule. While there is still a lot of work to do to bring our Community home, this is the first step. And we did it together!

I congratulate and thank each you for your commitment to this process, to each other and to our Community.

Please join us tomorrow night.


  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Buy-Out Program Workshop
  • HMGP Notice of Intent for Acquisitions
  • Post Office
  • Long Term Flood Recovery Croup (LTFRG)


  • Rebuilding Town Infrastructure
  • Parks
  • Presentation of the James Creek Stream Corridor Master Plan
  • Lifting of the Building Permit Moratorium
  • Presentation of the Environment Assessment Project Plan
  • Presentation of the Emergency Watershed Protection Program Project Plan
  • Rebuilding Personal Property

A note from the Parks Committee:
The committee for the parks GOCO funding invites all town members to view the revised rendering of the town square. These drawings will be on display from 5:pm till the start of the Board Meeting January 21st for input anyone may have before we move forward. Post-it-notes will be provided for anyone to leave their commits. As with the last time, these commits will be assessed and then used to come up with the final drawing turned into GOCO. Time dictates our handling of this matter. The GOCO application is due by February 7th. Members of the committee will be available for questions. We appreciate everyone’s input and appreciation for the short timeline we’re working within to submit this application for funding. Our ambitious goal is to use this funding to rebuild the Town Square by the 4th of July! Thank you for your input.

I hope you’ll plan to join us for this important milestone.


Tara Schoedinger


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