An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

From the Mayor, Town of Jamestown:

Long-Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County is Now Accepting Requests for Assistance –The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group (LTFRG) has opened a phone line and website for anyone in Boulder or Broomfield counties seeking assistance related to unmet needs from September’s flood.

Residents needing help are encouraged to fill out the very short contact form on the website or call the hotline number to leave a brief message.

Volunteer members of the group will be returning residents’ messages to do an initial intake interview which will place residents in group’s system. Case managers will be assigned over the next several weeks to residents in need and act as a guide to available resources in the county and work with residents to develop a recovery plan. The LTFRG is volunteer-based and is in a start-up phase, so patience is requested of the community while the process is developed and streamlined.

The LTFRG is charged with managing and distributing the Foothills Flood Relief Fund and also is working to secure additional donations. Donations can be made to the Fund which is housed at Foothills United Way, at

The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group (LTFRG) has launched a website, at , a phone number (303-895-3429) and email address for flood survivors to access and request assistance.

As the rebuilding and recovery phase proceeds, people in our community will need many resources, not all of which will be financial. The LTFRG will identify continuing needs for assistance and the process for allocating resources to ensure the long-term recovery of our whole community. Non-financial resources may include donations of critical products, volunteer construction crews, housing re-construction and repair assistance and supporting community visioning and planning processes. Ultimately, the goal is to support as many people who were affected by the September floods as possible.

The LTFRG is actively seeking volunteers for case managers and hotline responders. To sign up to volunteer, please visit


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