An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

From the Community Advocate:

Community Support and Responses to Trauma
Saturday, January 4th, 2014 2:00-4:00 pm
Community Room at Alfalfa’s
1645 Broadway, Boulder

Enter at the south west corner of the building (separate from the store entrance).

Please join Nancy Lewis, who came to Jamestown post-flood and led the first Town Hall Community Gathering exploring our flood experiences and the normal response to trauma.

At this meeting, we will address:

  • Ongoing challenges in immediate & long-term flood recovery
  • Individual self-care
  • Family support
  • Building upon the existing community support system
  • Prioritizing approaches/the order of tasks in recovery
  • Insuring that support is on-going/sustainable

This shared experience has made us our own best advocates. We continue to give and receive a vast amount of physical support. It is important to continue looking at the emotional support, learn how to pace ourselves and continue moving forward.

Please join us as we build a system of emotional support, as unique as Jamestown, to meet your needs.

Rebecca Lawrence
Jamestown Community Advocate


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