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David’s expression of gratitude

This first appeared on the QT, posted by David Mans.

Back from yet another meeting led by Tara tonight. We very much second the “Hip Hooray” from Jon, Ron and everyone else for your efforts Tara. It’s a little scary to imagine where we’d be without your leadership. It’s clearly not an easy job, and the choices aren’t always going to be straightforward, but your working toward the best interest of the town seems very clear.



Merc Board


New support process for Jamestown Flood victims

A new process starts in February for people who need assistance to recover and rebuild. There are various locations where you can get started with a straight forward interview that does not require bringing any paper work.


RIP Pete

I want to depart from my usual practice of only posting that which relates to our community. Pete Seeger probably never heard of Jamestown but he stood for many of our values. It also feels like I grew up with Pete.  He  is the artist I have seen the most in my lifetime, in many venues from large to small, including his 90th birthday celebration in Madison Square Garden where Bruce introduced Pete. Goodbye Pete and thanks for everything you did and stood for. —Steve

Important meetings tomorrow (Tue.) and Wed.

From the Mayor of Jamestown

This is a reminder of 2 important meetings this week. Please note the locations for these meetings.

Jamestown Community Meeting & Board Meeting

When: Tuesday, January 28, 5:30-7:30 (Board Meeting to follow)
Where: Casey Middle School, 1301 High Street, Boulder

During this meeting I will provide as many updates as I have with time for Q&A.

  • Emergency Watershed Protection Program
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Water Treatment System
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Parks
  • Fire Hall

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Buy Out Program Workshop

When: Wednesday, January 29, 5:30-7:30
Where: Rembrandt Yard, 1301 Spruce Street, Boulder

During this meeting Iain Hyde, State Recovery Manager, will educate those interested in the Buy-Out program on how it works and what to expect in terms of roles and responsibilities, timing, etc. Please join us as we learn about this together. A link to the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Unified Guidance document.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Tara Schoedinger


Almost normal lazy Merc Saturday

It was a sunny, warm day on this January day and folks took advantage of it.  —Steve-

Sunday Reflection

Hardrock Fever_2002_IMG_0082
Hardrock Fever, 2002. Photo by Steve Edelstein.

5 week Lefthand closure for cyclists

lefthand closed to cclists
Click headline for more.

Read Oak’s New Flood Journal

Jamestown Connect has added Oak’s latest contribution to the Flood Journal page. Read her journal here. Read all the journals here.

Contact me if you would like to share what you have written about the Jamestown Flood.It can be posted on or we can post the link if it is published elsewhere.


Hot of the Press: Jamestown Newsletter

Jamestown Newsletter, January 23

Merc Open Fri. & Sat., painted

Merc Sign_01-23-2014
Photos by Anne Breiler
merc paint

Rebuilding and Restoration Guide is now available

Jamestown, with the help of many, has put together a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the complex task of rebuilding after the Jamestown Flood. The guide is available on the Jamestown web site and for direct download here.

Flood of Love for Jamestown Flood Victims

The “Flood of Love” event will occur at the gorgeous Sherman street convention center in downtown Denver to raise money for the flood victims of Jamestown Colorado. The event includes an Italian buffet, exhibition cooking, silent auction, games and bluegrass music. There will be a cash bar for libations and lots of big mountain fun. You can find out more here. Please spread the word.


Jamestown Flood benefit at the Skylark Lounge


Community Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday)

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

This is a reminder about tomorrow night’s Town Board Meeting. It’s a really exciting one, so I hope you can join us! The Community Meeting and Board Meeting will be combined for this important order of business.

Tuesday, January 21 at 5:30pm
Boulder County Courthouse
1325 Pearl Street
3rd Floor, Commissioners’ Hearing Room


Sunday Reflection

Anvil Shoot_P7040011
(Click to enlarge.)

No tradition may be more “Jamestown” than an Anvil Shoot on the 4th of July. I took this series of photos on July 4, 2001, showing the making of an Anvil Shoot. This is the way the miners celebrated going back to the 1800s. —Steve

FEMA’s rent assistance formula revealed

When you apply for recertification for continued FEMA rent assistance you are required to provide income and housing expenses . What FEMA does not explain in the forms is how they will use that information to determine if they will give you more rent assistance. However, through various conversations with FEMA I have a good indication of their “formula” which I think is worth knowing about.


Merc Happenings this week. Come on down.

This FRIDAY night we’ll have TAPAS and a couple of great instrumental musicians: Andrew Bonnis and Matt Cantor. A nice night to hang our and share a mellow evening with friends and neighbors.

This SATURDAY we open for  breakfast through dinner. We are really excited for one of Jamestown’s special favorite bands: Esther Sparks Whiskey Remedy. They have always held a special place in our hearts- they sing beautiful originals from the heart and they rock. They were cancelled earlier because of the flood and are really looking forward to coming back. In a music interview with an Irish music blog, Esther was asked her favorite place to play in America and she answered Jamestown. If you have the chance- come see!

The Merc

What is a floodplain and why should you care?

As Jamestown moves into the post-Jamestown Flood recovery process we are hearing more and more about floodplains, FIRMs, and NIFP. Coleen Williams has kindly provided information about these terms and why they matter.


Mountain Woodman

greg bowers clearing debris_DSC2335jpg
Greg Bowers labors to clear the massive debris pile. Thanks Greg. —Steve

Request Long-Term Flood Recovery Group assistance

From the Mayor, Town of Jamestown:

Long-Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County is Now Accepting Requests for Assistance –The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group (LTFRG) has opened a phone line and website for anyone in Boulder or Broomfield counties seeking assistance related to unmet needs from September’s flood.

Residents needing help are encouraged to fill out the very short contact form on the website or call the hotline number to leave a brief message.


Community Meeting tonight, Tuesday

The Community Meeting tonight starts at 5:30-7:30, then the Board meeting at 7:30. It’s at Casey Middle School in Boulder.

Planet Bluegrass needs your help

On September 12th, Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, CO was hit with a disastrous flood. Please help them rebuild this magical venue!!! Less than 2 days left.

Planet Bluegrass Flood Fund


Alex’s Saturday Art Class

Alex started up his regular art class and hangout on Saturday. Great relaxation and fun. It was a new experience for to see good-ol-boy Alex transform into skilled and caring teacher right in front of my eyes.

Sunday Reflection

Photograph by Sal DeVincenzo.
Sal's Town Photo
(Click to enlarge)

This is the first in a weekly series of Sunday Reflection photograph posts I plan to have. Since the creation of the posts that people viewed the most include photos from before the Jamestown Flood. It’s my feeling that posting such photos on a regular basis may not only help in some people’s healing process, I think it can also help the recovery, in at least a small way, to have visual examples  for the vision of where we want to get to as a community.

I’m pleased that Sal’s Town Photo is the first in the series which is also in the Jamestown Shoebox (see that selection under Community menu item). The photo is one of the traditional 4th of July town photos. I think this one may have been taken in 2000, but perhaps Sal may be able to confirm that.


Forensics of the Jamestown Flood

Why was the Jamestown Flood so destructive? Why did the aftermath look like this photo taken by the Air National Guard of James Canyon just below the Lefthand/James Canyon bridge? (Thanks for the photo link David Mans.)

james canyon destruction
(Click photo to enlarge)

This NPR story (audio and article) from early October explains it in fairly simple terms.

IMPORTANT: Stream Corridor Master Plan preliminary report

On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, Jamestown’s contractor (AMEC) presented their preliminary findings and recommendations  for post-Jamestown Flood stream alignment and future flood mitigation. The final recommendations will have a profound and lasting impact on Jamestown when implemented. Therefore, their excellent  presentation slides are well worth looking at for anyone who was not at the meeting, to become better informed on what to expect. Their recommendations are based on three main goals:

  1. Create a channel that has the ability to transport increased flows and sediment supply without major adjustments
  2. Create the ability to capture debris and sediments in controlled or defined locations
  3. Create space for channel to flood and migrate where possible

AMEC’s final recommendations are due to be completed on January 21, 2014. Read more about the Stream Corridor Master Plan and the planning process on the Jamestown web site here.

Free grant application assistance

Provided by Nancy Edelstein:

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Jamestown Grants Team to assist residents in applying for the Greater Jamestown Community Fund and other grants.

(Deadlines are rapidly approaching. Follow up ASAP  to get your application(s) in on time!)


Free art workshop for newcomers and old pros alike

Contributed by Alex Meeker:

It’s been a real hard few months……. to say the least!  There hasn’t been a lot to do in town of late. So…..I’m going to be holding an open studio workshop , at my studio ,at 20 Main street, Saturday January 11,  from 11:00-2:00. Many people have come to this before, and know what it’s about.

Newcomers are welcome!! I open my studio for artists (and people wanting to create art) to get together and create art in a friendly (and warm) studio. It’s a very laid back and sharing few hours.

Please call if you have any questions: 303-444-6716. We will mainly be doing watercolor painting, but come and paint or draw or just check it out.You don’t need to have any art training!

It’s fine if you want to make small contribution to cover heating costs.


Gather with friends an neighbors for casual flood musical idea-fest

Contributed by Laura Williams:


Progress is happening at an ALARMING rate up here in these mountains! The roads…people moving back…grants for residents…hardworking volunteers…beloved MERC’S OPEN!!!! Can’t wait until we ALL come HOME!

In the midst of it all, we are creating THE FLOOD MUSICAL!

These gatherings are scheduled for anyone who can or wants to attend either or both:

1. THIS Sunday, January 12th @ 1 p.m. at my house in Lafayette.

2. NEXT Sunday, January 19th @ 1 p.m. at Oak’s house in Jamestown.


Help still available from the Red Cross

Provided by the Mayor of Jamestown:

The American Red Cross of Colorado would like to remind residents affected by September’s devastating Jamestown Flood, that help is still available to assist with recovery. Residents with flood-related needs can call the Red Cross Colorado Flood Relief Hotline at 888-635-6381 to speak with a caseworker who can:

  • Provide useful referrals–connect individuals with useful referrals for needs such as furniture, clothing, food, government assistance programs, clean-up assistance and more
  • Help meet unmet needs–provide qualified disaster survivors with Red Cross assistance to help with unmet, disaster-related needs such as transportation, move-in assistance, food, temporary storage, furniture replacement and clean-water storage.

Merc is Open Jan 10+11

Merc Open Jan 10-11_IMG_4983

Free groceries and gift card for “Floodies”

Contributed by Nancy Farmer:

Community Food Share is open TUESDAYS FROM 1:00-3:00 for flood-impacted people (bring a FEMA letter). I believe the funding for this is separate from regular Community Food Share, and just for us “floodies”. You can go get free groceries and they have King Soopers $50 gift cards, as well. It is located at 650 S. Taylor Avenue in Louisville. Well worth the drive if you are in need of some help.

A brief history of Jamestown floods

Jamestown Floods (contributed by Tom Maloney):

  • June 1894: Washed out bridges and roads in James Canyon. Jamestown received heavy damage. James creek grew to 250 feet wide in some locations. The Union Church-was destroyed. Springdale (about a mile below Jamestown) was destroyed.
  • August 1913: Caused extensive damage and Jamestown was isolated for two weeks when the access road washed out.
  • August 1963: No Date Found.
  • 1969 Flood: Destroyed numerous homes and left the town isolated for several days.
  • September 2013: Surpassed all previous records.

An article in Boulder Magazine characterized the flooding in areas like Jamestown as a 1,000 year event. The story of the September 2013 flood is still evolving and will be for some time to come. This web site is dedicated to telling the story as it unfolds.


Free photo print to celebrate 200

This is the 200th post on with nearly 30,000 hits and 240 subscribers. To mark this passage I’m offering a free  5″ x 7″ print of any photo in the Jamestown Shoebox to the first 10 people that accept this offer.

The Jamestown Shoebox has many photos that were contributed by Anne Breiler, Marco Aieta, Sal DeVincenzo, and Steve Edelstein. Included are photos from before, during, and after the Jamestown Flood. Go here to claim your photo. You are also encouraged add your photos to the Jamestown Shoebox. Go here to find out how.


200th Post

Community meeting tonight (Tuesday)

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

Hi All,

I just wanted to send out a quick reminder about the weekly Community Meetings this month as we finalize the Jamestown Stream Corridor Master Plan. The meetings are scheduled for each Tuesday this month.


Thank you Wild Bear

Contributed by Beth Brotherton:


Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center in Nederland has made two $500 donations to JAM since the Jamestown Flood. Go here to purchase the fabulous CD with Eliza Gilkyson and Nick Forster with all proceeds going to JAM.

How cool is that! gets a facelift

In an attempt to make even more useful in the post-Jamestown Flood era, I have made several changes to the web site’s navigation and options.

  • The main menu in the upper left has been simplified and organized into two primary items: Help and Community. Each one has various interesting and useful sub-topics .
  • The first post on the Home page is always Quick Links which has a small number of links that I think will be of particular interest to visitors. (Click on Home in the main menu to go to the Home page.)
  • It is now very easy to contribute content to the web site by using Contribute Content in the main menu.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome by using Contact Us in the main menu.


Something to warm you on a cold January day

In spite of the Jamestown Flood, life will return to normal.

Summer Day_DSC1369

Help Jamestown Flood victims by having dinner and drinking beer

Cyclists 4 Jamestown are having a fundraiser dinner for Jamestown Flood victims on Saturday January 11th, 2014 from 6pm to 10pm. at The Kitchen Next Door – 1035 Pearl Street, Boulder. See details here.

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