An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

These Guiding Principles are the result of facilitated exercises at community meetings. They are intended to act as reminders of what is most important to the community, and will act as a guide for future decisions for Jamestown.

The event of September 2013 is first and foremost in the minds of the community, but it is also important to remember the community must look to a future beyond recovery.

We submit these nine Guiding Principles for your consideration. You can comment by adding a Comment to this post.

1. Character of the Community/Sense of Place

Make planning decisions that promote Jamestown’s unique sense of place and distinctive community character.

Justification: Jamestown residents want to be engaged and unified as a community in decisions that affect them.

2. Diverse Social and Economic Structure

Promote the wellbeing of a diverse and tolerant community accepting all individuals, families, and groups.

Justification: The community strongly expressed their requirement for inclusivity and acceptance of all in community decision making.

3. Arts and Culture

Foster a vibrant arts community which supports local artists and the preservation of culturally significant landmarks to contribute to the community’s sense of place.

Justification: This mountain community is traditionally connected to art in all its many splendid forms and wants to keep them vital in Jamestown.

4. Autonomy, Self-Governance and Self-Reliance

Uphold Jamestown traditions which promote local autonomy, self-government, and self-sufficiency.

Justification: Traditionally, Jamestown has had a transparent and limited approach to governing their community and has expressed a strong desire to continue with their traditional approach to government.

5. Environmental Preservation

Enhance the management of natural resources to support outdoor recreational opportunities and to preserve the aesthetic and tranquil character of our community.

Justification: The mountain community of Jamestown is committed to share the beauty of and teach respect for the mountain canyon and its flora and fauna.

6. Infrastructure

Design infrastructure that features integrated and resilient systems that are environmentally, financially, and technologically sustainable.

Justification: Residents expressed interest in building a sustainable community with a low impact upon the environment.

7. Be Economically Sustainable

Improve Town revenue levels and optimize future funding opportunities.

Justification: Jamestown realizes that economic viability is necessary to ensure municipal solvency and responsible maintenance of infrastructure.

8. Community Development

Guide Jamestown in a manner that enhances public gathering spaces and maintains affordable housing options while ensuring existing privacy and quality of life.

Justification: The community sees the need to continue the character of Jamestown through affordable housing, open spaces, a strong regard for privacy, and access to the natural environment.

9. Children and Families

Protect local institutions, traditions and resources that support youth education and strong families.

Justification: The community expressed a strong desire to be a community that would be attractive for young families through affordable housing, and identifiable community places such as the school, The Merc, town square, and church.


Comments on: "9 Guiding Principles for Jamestown" (2)

  1. Kim Matthews said:

    ‘Community’ is a wonderfully elastic term and never used in a negative way. It could describe a community of place, of common interest, belief, etc. If you examine a community minutely you will find it rarely exists given that it often encompasses numerous disparate, conflicting groups – it is more like a badge, an aspiration, an idea. The 9 Principles above describe those aspirations. But boundaries of community need to be defined, both external and internal. Community needs to be worked on to maintain these boundaries and one essential mechanism to do this is conflict resolution. Perhaps some mention of conflict resolution and mediation could be included?

  2. Christina Craigo said:


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