An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Jamestown Elementary teachers Ines Rutkovskis and Gay Paxton were recognized as People of the Year for their commitment to the  students.

“The first day the Jamestown Elementary School teachers could get back to the two-room schoolhouse in Jamestown after the floods in September, there were still huge boulders alongside barely-there roads. The road to the schoolhouse was washed out entirely — in its place, a bare cliff. The detour route led past house after house torn open or mud-stained or half-buried in rocks and rubble after the onslaught that Jim Creek had become. The effect was stirring. “When I saw it, the first time up there to get supplies for the school, I was just, I couldn’t believe the impact of the water, that the water could be such a strong force,” says Ines Rutkovskis, who teaches third through fifth grades at the elementary school. “It was so weird, because the first like half-hour I couldn’t do anything, I was so shaken up after seeing all that damage,” says Gay Paxton, Jamestown elementary’s kindergarten through second grade teacher. “I just, I wanted to leave right away. … If [Ines] hadn’t been with me, I would have left. … It was hard, really hard. … I know those people really well.” “

Read the article here.


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