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Happy New Year

2013 will certainly be one of the most eventful and memorable in my lifetime. I wish everyone a much less traumatic and peaceful New Year.

In the jewish religion, the Passover Seder might conclude . . .

“Next Year in Jerusalem, the rebuilt,” referring likely to the Temple that was destroyed over two millennia ago.

If I can borrow from that, 2013 might conclude . . .

“Next Year in Jamestown, the rebuilt,” referring to the peaceful Colorado mountain town that was substantially destroyed physically but not in spirit, in the Great Flood of September, 2013.

Stay safe everyone.



9 Guiding Principles for Jamestown

These Guiding Principles are the result of facilitated exercises at community meetings. They are intended to act as reminders of what is most important to the community, and will act as a guide for future decisions for Jamestown.


Last Sunday’s Fat Tire Flurry

Cyclists 4 Jamestown raised more money for Jamestown’s flood relief in last Sunday’s Fat Tire Flurry ride from the Greenbriar to Jamestown.

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More photos here.

How to care for endangered trees

Chris Toney, ISA Arborist and owner of TLC Tree Care in Eldorado Springs talks with us about our trees and how they were affected by the flood. He has valuable information to share.


Don’t sell the ark

. . . so advises Nolan Doesken, the state climatologist at Colorado State University, in an article in Boulder Magazine entitled “Unique, but not the BIG ONE.” That surprising statement is based on the average rainfall over the front range being roughly a 25-year event. “Boulder however, indeed can carry the label 1,000 year rainfall”  with 18+ inches. The article features photos from Jamestown and is a wakeup call for preparedness. You can download the magazine in the pdf version and read the article on page 42, read the online version, or pick up a free hard copy at various locations in Boulder.

Teachers keep Jamestown students together

Jamestown Elementary teachers Ines Rutkovskis and Gay Paxton were recognized as People of the Year for their commitment to the  students.

“The first day the Jamestown Elementary School teachers could get back to the two-room schoolhouse in Jamestown after the floods in September, there were still huge boulders alongside barely-there roads. The road to the schoolhouse was washed out entirely — in its place, a bare cliff. The detour route led past house after house torn open or mud-stained or half-buried in rocks and rubble after the onslaught that Jim Creek had become. The effect was stirring. “When I saw it, the first time up there to get supplies for the school, I was just, I couldn’t believe the impact of the water, that the water could be such a strong force,” says Ines Rutkovskis, who teaches third through fifth grades at the elementary school. “It was so weird, because the first like half-hour I couldn’t do anything, I was so shaken up after seeing all that damage,” says Gay Paxton, Jamestown elementary’s kindergarten through second grade teacher. “I just, I wanted to leave right away. … If [Ines] hadn’t been with me, I would have left. … It was hard, really hard. … I know those people really well.” “

Read the article here.

Shadow, the Jimbilly cat in the news, again

Read all about it.

Click here to read the entire saga of Shadow the Cat.

Shadow the Cat Flood Survivor

Handshake and hug for Christmas Eve dinner

The community gathered at the Merc last night to be treated to a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. English Bill said it well:

“I would like to extend a huge thank you, hand shake and hug to those responsible for Xmas Eve in the Merc, food, drinks, kids pressies….all excellent as was the company. Marvelous Xmas Eve! THANK YOU!

The fine dinner was a gift of the Sugarbeet restaurant in Longmont. The owners were there to serve it all up.


Santa’s elves also played a huge role: Quinter Fike for inviting Sugarbeet, Anne Breiler for handling the reservations and creating the space, Dory Hagan for gifting the hard liquor, and Gerry for his fine bar tending.

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Merry Christmas

Click photo to watch.

Photograph Copyright NBC Universal.

Read the latest Jamestown Newsletter

Jamestown Newsletter, December 23, 2013, Issue 2

Help write Jamestown Flood, the Musical

Contributed by Oak Chezar:

Jamestown Flood the Musical will be a collection of co-created short skits, poems and videos, as well as songs, dance numbers, and …, well, whatever feels important to cover in the telling of our epic tale. (See the easy instructions below on how you can help write this show.)


T. Baptists light the way

I was looking through some of the more than 1,200 photos that I took since the flood when I noticed an unusual highlight in one of them. Upon closer examination I realized the Texas Baptists not only left us a nifty foot bridge for Anderson Hill, but they also left a light from above to light the way. –Steve

bapttist bridge_DSC2066

Mountain High Appliance goes above and beyond

Mountain High Appliance donated mattresses to quite a few Jamestown residents who lost their belongings in the flood. Check out this video of the very touching stories of struggle and hope!!

Whether or not you received a mattress you can show your appreciation by shopping Mountain High Appliance  —Steve


The Merc on Al Jazeera America

Shadow says Hi

Hello fellow Jimbillies, It’s Shadow and I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!!! I know we’ve all been through a lot this past year, but we have a lot to be thankful for too. I’m really glad you all decided to take care of me and keep me in the Hood!!!! I am adjusting to life in the West End quite well. My new dad is Great!!! He put in a little cat door so I can go to the porch and even outside if I feel like it. I do love the smell of Jamestown!!! I have found out that Louie’s bathtub is a great place to hang out when I want to cool down, and I found a great hiding place close to the heater for those cold days and nights. I’m thankful my new dad lets me snuggle with him at night too. As for that other critter in the house, Pepper, we have come to an understanding—-just leave me alone!!!!!

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I love you all and hope only the Best for US.
xoxoxox Shadow

Quick Links

Long-Term Flood Recovery Assistance Rebuilding and Restoration Guide
Jamestown Recovery Plan 9 Guiding Principles for Jamestown
Visit the Town of Jamestown web site FEMA’s rent assistance formula revealed

Community meeting tonight with mega help

Dear Jamestown Residents:

Resources will be available prior to tonight’s Community Meeting.

When:    Wednesday, December 18 at 5:30pm
Where:   Casey Middle School, 1301 High Street, Boulder in the Auditorium


Karate Kids raise money for Jamestown

A kids Karate competition has raised $630 for Jamestown. Included in the photo is Tony (in white), son of Jennifer, the town water engineer and her husband Marco. Tony won his first match. Their support for our Community is endless!


Even on battered Ward Street there is beauty to be found

Photo by Steve Edelstein (click to enlarge)
ice on ward street_DSC2253

BREAKING NEWS: Santa visits flood-ravaged Jamestown

Flood-destroyed roads did not stop Santa from visiting the Jamestown Merc last night. (Duh, it’s Santa.) A massive crowd awaited his arrival while the Wild Mountain Kids entertained. Then the moment came and there he was. He listened to the children’s Christmas requests and was gone in a flash. But the people stayed to eat, drink, and be merry, singing the night away. Young Penelope Kohlhaas signaled an end to the evening by leading the singing of a rousing rendition of A-B-C-D-E-F-G, along with Beth Brotherton.

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ACT NOW! Local FEMA assistance is ending.

These are the last days to get personal face-to-face  FEMA assistance.

The Twin Peaks Mall center is closing tomorrow at 3 P.M.

Next week is Alisa’s last week (the individual assistance rep. in Jamestown). When Alisa is gone all FEMA assistance will be through the 800 number: (800) 621-3362. If you have any outstanding questions or needs, please contact Alisa immediately by calling the Town Office.  (303) 449-1806


From Denise, Jamestown Postmaster:

I’m so proud and excited to announce that the Jamestown Post Office will be reopening on the Solstice, Sat. Dec. 21, 2013.

Some light for us all on the darkest day of the year!

If your mail is on a forward and you prefer to receive your mail in Jamestown, CO 80455 your forward can be cancelled.

Please contact me at the Nederland Post Office 303-258-3247.

So looking forward to being home!
Love to all…..see you in town!

Free holiday ornaments and supplies

The City of Boulder Pottery Lab and Studio Arts Boulder have worked together to organize:


ReTreasure the Holidays Drive 
for Boulder County Flood victims.  
The collections have been made, and may be picked up (for FREE) on:
Sunday, December 15th from 10:00 – 2:00 at the Boulder Pottery Lab – 1010 Aurora Ave.
Donations that were collected include holiday lights, ornaments, wrapping supplies, and more.
There will also be hot cocoa and cookies and an ornament decorating table.  Bring your family, bring a friend!

Elysian Park, 2012

Laurel Wanrow kindly shared these photos that she took on a hike in Elysian Park, summer of 2012, with Karen Z. and her dogs Diana and Maggie.

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Tara receives community award

At last nights community meeting, Tom Maloney presented Tara with a Sustained Superior Performance trophy for doing an “unbelievable job” as Tom put it. The trophy was purchased with many contributions for it by many members of the community.

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New flooding

This weekend, James Creek overflowed its banks by the Main Street bridge, re-flooding Deborah and David’s property with water almost flooding their garage. The bridge underpass  had been left to fill with debris for some time . With the cold weather, a frozen mass completely blocked the way, causing the  flooding. Part of the blockage was removed but not completely and and it can happen again until a permanent solution is found. More information will be posted as it becomes available. –Steve–

Jamestown Newsletter; a must-read

The new face-lifted, easy-on-the-eyes, Jamestown Newsletter is out and being distributed by email. It is so chock full of timely and pertinent information that rather than re-post selected items I decided to include the entire file. (There are some formatting problems that are not in the original because of the file conversion process I used.)  –Steve–

Jamestown Newsletter, December 2013

Jamestown rocks Boulder

Saturday was party night at Casa Alvarez in Boulder with 20% of ALL the restaurant proceeds going to Jamestown! It was a packed house as Jimbillys’ and Floodies rubbed elbows with Boulderites. Many thanks to Betty (Artes) and Ernesto, Casa Alvarez owners/managers for their big hearts (AND great salsas, green chile, and Albandigas soup!).

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Katie Farmer’s this-is-not-a-flood-story news

From Katie’s FaceBook: Just got out of my [America’s Got Talent] audition and it went great. I got to sing ny state of mind AND angel from montgomery. We don’t find out who advances until march BUT they want me to submit videos with backing music – one solo AND one duet with Sara Farmer!!!! I also got to talk about jamestown on camera. I’m so freaking excited!!

Way to go Katie!! —Steve

Rebuild Jamestown Community Meeting MONDAY

Please join us for the Rebuild Jamestown Community Meeting on MONDAY December 9 at the Boulder County Courthouse on Pearl St.


You might be a Jimbilly if . . .

Jamestown has once again proven that big things can come from simple beginnings, like when Bill Taylor (aka English Bill) used the term Jimbilly in a passing comment on the town board. People scratched their heads in confusion. What’s that they pondered?  But soon, obliging citizens came forth with the official definitions.


Jamestown Today

Photograph by Tara Schoedinger


Sat. Night (Dec 7) – Casa Alvarez Gathering

THIS SAT NIGHT (DEC 7) – CASA ALVAREZ GATHERING FOR THE JT TRIBE & FRIENDS (& the public) – at 30th & Walnut (to be followed late into the evening by the Hardy Family fund-raiser in Eldorado Springs). CASA starts at 5pm. Music offered by our own Williams family trio, Derrick & the Almond Butters, Buddy and the Swampies, and Jax & John. 20% of ALL restaurant proceeds that night (food and drink) go to Jamestown! Many thanks to Betty (Artes) and Ernesto, Casa Alvarez owners/managers for their big hearts (not to mention their great salsas and green chile)!


Emma Hardy Exhibit and Fund Raiser, Saturday

emma final

Before the flood

I received a suggestion to show photos of before the flood. Great idea Jon & Ron. Thanks. To me, Jamestown is about where we live and who we live with. These photos include both.   Click on a photo to enlarge it and start a slide show. –Steve–

Joy of Bowls

Artist and long-time Jamestown resident, Joy Boston, has begun an amazing community art project to benefit the rebuilding of Jamestown. She’s overseeing the co-creation of press-mold bowls, which will be used as offerings of gratitude to groups and individuals helping Jamestown rebuild, as well as for residents, and for fundraisers.


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