An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

What the heck is the Jamestown Shoebox, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you what I hope it will become. It was created to be a single repository of Jamestown photographs from before, during, and after the Great Flood. I think of it as being like a shoebox full of photos where our collective memories and history can be preserved. I invite anyone who has photos that they took to share your favorite and/or most memorable shots. –Steve–

Who can view the Jamestown Shoebox? Anyone.

Where is the Jamestown Shoebox? It’s right here.

How can I add my photos to the Jamestown Shoebox? It’s easy.  Click here to request a folder for your photos and you can add and manage your personal collection as you see fit as soon as you receive confirmation that your folder is set up. If you do not have a account you will first have to create a FREE one, which takes a few easy steps.

What kinds of photos should I contribute? It’s entirely up to you but try adding the photos that are most meaningful to you and/or help tell the story of what happened in Jamestown.

Who will own my photos? You will. But please be aware that we have no way to protect anyone’s intellectual property. Assume that your photos may be downloaded and shared with others, the same as if you had them on the QT or any public web site. So only add photos that you are willing to share freely.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can add or a file size limit? No limit on the number of photos. However, the total space we have available for everyone is 10 GB, which is a BIG shoe box. It would still be helpful (and will provide faster downloads for visitors) if you kept the file size for each photo to about 1 to 3 MB or less.


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