An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Your volunteer time in Jamestown is extremely valuable to the town. It counts as in-kind contribution towards the amount that FEMA and the State will require the town to pay in recovery costs. For example, if the town’s share is $2 million dollars it becomes $1 million if there is $1 million in in-kind contribution.

The log sheet are in the big Town Hall room . . . either Samantha or Elizabeth from FEMA are in there coordinating volunteers and can direct you to the sign-up sheet. 

My daughters town in New Jersey was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The town pulled together and completely paid for and exceeded their share using in-kind contributions, leaving their town with zero out-of-pocket.

By the way, although it’s not in the news anymore, there are still many people suffering in the aftermath of Sandy. Financial contributions to help individuals  and families can be made directly through local charities. If you want information about donating contact me and I will get you the information.



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