An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

For those of you that might not know this little Joey story:

One day in early summer Buddy & I were down at the bottom of the canyon watching the Eagle’s nest and Joey pulls over as excited as he could be, with a brand “new” swamp cooler in the back of his white van. Now it had been too oppressively hot to have music on summer nights at the Merc so Joey yells…”Hey! We’ll be able to have music tonight because I got us a swamp cooler! Can you play!?”

We were sort of a band with no name back then so we said “Sure! We’ll do it!–blah, blah, blah–gee what should we call ourselves for the night!?”– and the 3 of us looked at the van and said “SWAMP COOLERS!” We had a good laugh and a good time that night with Joey on Drunkstick I’m sure. It never did really work all that well and we kept just sweating away on Sat nights–but boy was Joey proud. Mr Snake Von Habanero befittingly rewrote Koolers with a K at a later date. And there you have it.

So the next time you throw your coat & beer on the swamp cooler you’ll know some of the rest of the story. Thanks for the memories Joey! I hope you’ll come out and play with us tonight. xox

Anne K.


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