An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

We distributed a Request For Proposal to 3 hydrology engineering firms and received proposals from all 3.  The Board reviewed the proposals and interviewed all 3 firms at Tuesday’s Board Meeting. We also asked several technical experts from Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Water Conservation Board, State Office of Emergency Management and a retired Floodplain Administrator to review the proposals to provide their feedback and recommendations.  In the end the Board selected AMEC Engineering.  I  have attached their proposal.  Since this isn’t my area of expertise either, please hold your questions for our first Community Meeting with AMEC.  We’re working on the contracting process with AMEC and then we’ll get the Community Meeting scheduled.

In addition to the hydrology piece of the Master Plan, DOLA is rounding up an incredible group of land planners and planning attorneys to work through the property details of Master Plan.  This will be all donated or volunteered services.  As soon as we have identified the right team we will share their details with everyone.  We hope to have this in place by sometime next week.

The Town Board is establishing a Stream Corridor Master Plan Advisory Committee to provide guidance to AMEC and the land use folks during the Master Planning process.  Please note that this is not a decision making Committee. The purpose of this Committee will be to ensure AMEC understands the information gathered during our Community Meetings to ensure we complete this process as scheduled. Attached is Resolution 10, 2013 that provides further details.

If you are interested in being on this Committee, please respond to Mayor Tara Schoedinger at and copy


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