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Announcing the Jamestown Shoebox

What the heck is the Jamestown Shoebox, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you what I hope it will become. It was created to be a single repository of Jamestown photographs from before, during, and after the Great Flood. I think of it as being like a shoebox full of photos where our collective memories and history can be preserved. I invite anyone who has photos that they took to share your favorite and/or most memorable shots. –Steve–


How to minimize interruptions in FEMA rent assistance

These suggestions were provided by Alisa from FEMA who is in Jamestown. Following them will not guarantee that your future rent assistance will not hit some bumps, but they should help. The premise is that each time you file you want to make it easy as possible for the random FEMA processor who is handling your request.



This was a special Thanksgiving

I will never forget Thanksgiving 2013 as the day when all of Jamestown got together in many locations at the same time, if not in body, then in spirit. I know you were all with us at the Merc where Oak and Pastor Paul Rhode lavished us with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Everyone had a wonderful time as is evident in these photos. Sunday is David Thorndike’s 88th birthday so we took the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to David. The Boulder Daily Camera was there too and wrote this article–Steve–



Upper Lefthand creek restoration mtg. on Dec. 17

Boulder County is holding a series of community outreach meetings regarding the post-flood condition of creeks in the county, starting Dec. 3rd. The Upper Lefthand meeting is on Dec. 17 at the county Parks & Open Space Office in Longmont. Details here.

Rebuild Jamestown Community Meeting on Dec. 3

From the Mayor of Jamestown:

As we transition into the rebuilding process we have named our community meetings “Rebuild Jamestown Community Meetings.” Please join us for the Rebuild Jamestown Community Meeting next Tuesday!


Bonus Rebates for Colorado Flood-Affected Customers

Xcel Energy is offering bonus rebates on qualifying energy-efficient cooling and heating systems to customers who qualify for FEMA assistance. Details here.

Now and Then

November 23, 2013
main street bridge_11-23-2013_DSC2089

September 22, 2013
main street bridge_09-22-2013_DSC1671

Now and Then

These photos help to appreciate the  progress that’s been made in two months.  —Steve

November 23, 2013
up main_11-24-2013_DSC208

September 22, 2013
up main_09-22-2013_DSC1690


Photos by Steve Edelstein

Free Crocs to flood vicitims

Crocs, a Boulder based business is donating shoes to anyone effected by the flood. If you would like a free pair of Croc’s Please email: with your size if you are interested. Shoes will be given out at the Menorah Lighting at 5:30pm on Pearl Street on December 2nd on the Courthouse lawn, or you could pick up your pair at headquarters. Happy Holidays from Crocs.

Help Jamestown, purchase “Jamestown” Narcissi

Purchase ‘Jamestown’ Narcissi and Matrix Gardens will donate all profits to the Jamestown Flood Relief Fund.


James and Lefthand Canyon road repair report

The following information is from a conversation I had today with Bill Alliason of the Boulder County Roads and Transportation Department. —Steve


Time is running out on FEMA/SBA Dec. 2 deadline


We’re having a community feast

Posted on behalf of Oak:

We’re having a community feast for a delicious, homemade thanksgiving dinner that will be brought up here and served at the Merc, delivered by a really kind Lutheran pastor out of Longmont, who’s even gonna bring some wine! I’m making arrangements for food and other details, and so if you’re interested in attending, you have to tell me very soon–Sunday at the latest.


Camera article–Jamestown is healing

10 weeks after flood, Jamestown is healing

Mold and Water Advice

From: Boulder County Public Health

If you are worried about mold or the safety of your water after September’s flooding, Boulder County Public Health offers free advice. Visit or call 303-441-1564 to speak to an Environmental Health specialist.

Free clothes from Patagonia

From the T own Clerk:

For those individuals that were not able to make it to the Boulder Beer event on Sunday, we have boxes of clothes from Patagonia that are available for residents. The boxes are on the stage, inside the town hall and will remain there until early next week. They will then be brought down to the Relief Exchange for others to use. Items that are plentiful – women’s underwear and sports bras, knit hats, knit gloves, size 8 women’s pants/shorts, and variety of shells. Also available are great hiking boots for men available sizes – 13, 14, 15. Please come on by before Tuesday, November 18th.

Volunteers–log your hours

Your volunteer time in Jamestown is extremely valuable to the town. It counts as in-kind contribution towards the amount that FEMA and the State will require the town to pay in recovery costs. For example, if the town’s share is $2 million dollars it becomes $1 million if there is $1 million in in-kind contribution.

The log sheet are in the big Town Hall room . . . either Samantha or Elizabeth from FEMA are in there coordinating volunteers and can direct you to the sign-up sheet. 


6 weeks, what a difference . . .

thanks to Rainbow and Adam and their dedication and love of Jamestown.

merc sign

Photos by Steve Edelstein
Top photo on Sept. 22, 2013. Bottom photo on Nov.3, 2013.

Only 14 days left to apply to FEMA and SBA. Use the contact information on the Merc board.

Swamp Koolers at the Merc Tonight

For those of you that might not know this little Joey story:


Boulder Beer Event Reminder for TOMORROW, Sunday

Who: Jamestown residents (kids welcome, entertainment provided), Cyclists 4 Jamestown committee and volunteers
Where: Boulder Beer Company, 2880 Wilderness Place, Boulder
When: November 17th at 5:30 pm

Boulder County Recovery Update

Flood Recovery Updates

As we enter mid-November, two months after the start of the floods, we wanted to share a brief summary of the kinds of work the county is doing to respond to the many impacts of the flooding. See full article.


QT Flood Archive

The archive of QT posts from just before, during, and after the flood is available here.

“Jamestown cat survives 40 days after floods”, the movie

The Shadow video as it appeared on 9NEWS on November 13, 2013.

Request an appliance or mattress

From Lynne, who runs the 4 Mile Community Store:

We have generously been offered a donation of new appliances (Washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves) and mattress sets (twins and full/doubles). In order to take advantage of this offer, we need to compile a list of needs.



Sometimes progress comes in small steps

Kale's flower_DSC2058

Replace your important papers

FEMA has provided guidance here on ways to get duplicates of destroyed or missing documents.

Community Support and Responses to Trauma

November 20th at 6:30 pm
Board Room at the BVSD Education Center
6500 E. Arapahoe Road, Boulder
(enter through the east side of the building)

Please join Nancy Lewis, who was in Jamestown post-flood and led the first Town Hall Community Gathering exploring our flood experiences and the normal response to trauma.


This is how volunteers make a difference

Sal took these great photos of volunteers from Bar-K and Denver in action on November 9, 2013, cleaning up the Town Square.

Jamestown_Flood_Volunteers (5)



Excellent source of free and/or low cost furniture and clothing

Check out Fabulous Findings in the Twin Peaks Mall in Longmont. They have two store fronts across from each other. One is chock full of free donated goods from furniture to clothing which tends to more abundant and nicer then I’ve seen elsewhere. The other is directly across the hallway and has very nice furniture and tchotchke being sold on consignment. However, they have a donation fund and can apply some money from that fund to offset the price of items.  So the seller gets what they want but you pay less (which could be significantly less based on our experience). They are also very nice to deal with. They will want your FEMA number so come prepared. –Steve–

Mayor’s report on town EPA projects

The EPA has been doing absolutely amazing work.  They are currently working on 2 projects.  1) Repairing the mine tailing ponds at Elysian Park.  They had a vision from the very beginning to make the most of what is left and it is absolutely beautiful!  They’re doing this at no cost to the Town.  2) Since the EPA was already mobilized in Town with the right equipment, and they were doing such a nice job, FEMA mission assigned the EPA to clean the debris from the stream corridor in preparation for spring run-off.  No significant alignment changes will be made until after the Stream Corridor Master Plan is completed.  They have been amazing to work with and they love our Community!

Photos by Steve below–


Mayor’s report on Master Plan status

We distributed a Request For Proposal to 3 hydrology engineering firms and received proposals from all 3.  The Board reviewed the proposals and interviewed all 3 firms at Tuesday’s Board Meeting. We also asked several technical experts from Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Water Conservation Board, State Office of Emergency Management and a retired Floodplain Administrator to review the proposals to provide their feedback and recommendations.  In the end the Board selected AMEC Engineering.  I  have attached their proposal.  Since this isn’t my area of expertise either, please hold your questions for our first Community Meeting with AMEC.  We’re working on the contracting process with AMEC and then we’ll get the Community Meeting scheduled.


Shadow’s new person

Thanks to Louie, Shadow has found a new and loving home. I’m sure Joey is smiling. –Steve–


Water plant status from FEMA Administrator

Mayor Tara is featured on the FEMA web site which includes comments by the FEMA administrator about the water plant.

“I don’t remember when we’ve had a disaster with so many issues of limited access like we have here in Colorado,” said Tom McCool, federal coordinating officer for DR-4145-CO, “and now we’re racing against time with winter coming.

McCool said the treatment facility soon will be structurally stabilized to prevent further damage during the winter, but it will be next spring before the facility is operational. That means Jamestown’s residents may need FEMA’s help providing them with other housing through the winter.”

Progress on Ward Street

Photos by Mayor Tara.




Calling all Jimtowners for beer and buffet get together

Calling all Jimtowners! We’re excited to announce a Jamestown get together in Boulder along with the Cyclists 4 Jamestown who raised over $110,000 to Rebuild our town! A special thanks to the Boulder Beer Company for hosting this event and providing great beer and tasty food. Broncos will be taking on the undefeated Chiefs (6:30 start time) and we will have big screen TV’s to watch it on!


More signs of progress

Our little park is looking so much better thanks to the Texas Baptists:
_DSC2029 1


A thank you that speaks volumes about Jamestown

Dear Jamestown,

On the afternoon of September 11, we checked into Jyoti Sharp’s guesthouse and though it was raining, we were excited to begin our much anticipated month long stay in Jamestown. Family and friends were scheduled to join us beginning that coming Monday and we were so pleased to be able to host them in such a nice house.

Hello fellow Jimtowners, it’s Shadow . . .

I’m feeling better after my scary time out in the wilderness,so it’s time I looked for a new home and care taker/s. Since I’ve always been an ” only pet”, I would like to continue that set up. I was an outside cat, but now I think I want to be indoors. It was REALLY scary out there, and I feel safer inside. In exchange for a warm lap, longing arms, and smiles, I promise to give you all my LOVE. Please look into your heart and see if there is room for me. You can call my friend Lisa, the Mountain Vet at 303-718-2419.

Love, Shadow

Touching song by Kevin DeForrest

Our Little Mountain Town

Firsthand account of work on Ward Street

Originally posted by Ann Breiler on the QT:

Also want to tell all you all that there is a lot of activity on Ward St. Gentlemen told me yesterday that they were going to put in a culvert today and start on the road. They have been going up the creek and getting rubble out for the past few days. Big backhoe dropping dirt this morning, so things ARE happening. Good news for Ward St. folks with cars/trucks up there!!!! Lets hope the weather holds out for this part of the recovery plan!!

ward street

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