An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Hey Jimtowners!

The Last 22 Texas Baptists are leaving tomorrow morning.
There will be a farewell dinner at The Merc at 5pm tonight. (Tuesday)
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and then some…

Dinner is $10, we hope to cover costs by thankful Jimtown neighbors, so that we can give a free dinner to our amazing Baptist friends.

Come if you can!



Comments on: "Farewell dinner for Texas Babtisis" (14)

  1. Posted by Steve on behalf of Deborah Haynes:

    To the Southern Baptists! I am writing from Boulder and am so sorry that I will not be able to return to Jamestown for the dinner tonight to thank you in person! From the first days of your teams’ presence in JT and my contact with Virgil, Terry, and many others, you have been absolutely amazing! My husband David and I are immensely grateful for your steady work and care at our place and in the entire town. What a difference you have made in our lives in such a short six weeks (or is it seven?) May your blessed work continue as you help others in need all over the country. And, may you enjoy well-deserved time in your own homes in Abilene, Diana, and other hometowns! With gratitude and love,

    Deborah Haynes

  2. Posted by Steve on behalf of Laurel Wanrow and Bill Burton:

    To the Southern Baptists: We are another household of grateful work recipients, starting that first week with Virgil’s help in assessing our place and two neighbors’ up on the then-remote hinterlands of Ward Street. Work crews started with us under Judge and helping to move items and clean at our three homes.

    I worked then with Dale and Rachael and Diane on the front desk. The team of Ken and Joe and Baptist women (!) Karol, Linda and Charlotte, did so much to raise my spirits while we bagged sand and hauled rock to stem erosion threatening our cabin. Rey coordinated with me to cut trees for my neighbor Jan, and someone came to spray mold preventative in our crawlspace. Through your group, Steve and Steve from Englewood, CO, volunteered (They started my sandbagging project) and discovered my missing suitcase of family travel scrapbooks waterlogged under our bridge.

    New ramps, bridges and a cleared path gave Ward Street so much better access through the efforts of dozens of people. Harold arrived in town at the same time as Bill’s return trip last week, and continued more sandbagging efforts at our place and help for our neighbors.

    All and all, it’s been an extraordinary experience working with you. I’d had no previous disaster experience-–thank goodness—and had no idea of the thoughtful, kind and resourceful experience that can be given in these situations. We have been blessed to meet you and benefit from your goodness and energy.

    Thank you!
    Laurel Wanrow and Bill Burton

  3. Posted by Steve on behalf of Tim Stokes:

    Many volunteers have done much to make possible the almost miraculous progress that we’ve made in rebuilding Jamestown. Without them we would, at the very least, be months behind where we are now. Amidst all of the volunteer efforts the enormous contributions made by the Southern Baptists put them in a special category. These dozens of people, came from over a thousand miles, arrived here in a strange land populated by “semi-feral” people, and immediately began, with no hesitation, to help us all. They have been highly organized; very hard-working at many unenviable tasks; showing unquestioning acceptance of us despite the, often non-Christian, religious/spiritual orientations that we hold; and they showed genuine concern for our situation, without any hint of pitying us. In short, they demonstrated what I imagine to be the very best of Christian practice and tradition. Truly professionals in the best sense of the word who provided much of the ground work that will allow us, phoenix-like, to once again become a great and special place. Many, many thanks to them.

  4. Posted by Steve on behalf of Mark Gosbee:

    One of the many things the stories say Jesus taught was ‘love thy neighbor’. These Baptists may be our neighbor from afar but they have loved our little town as if it was their own. They are walking the walk, traveling far away from home to help do the hard, dirty work where needed. I tip my hat to you all and give thanks for your inspiring strength. Your impact will help build continuous perseverance and fuel the healing process. Thank you all for getting dirty up here in the hills. Way to lead by example and show us the Texas Spirit. God bless

  5. Posted by Steve on behalf of Hollis:

    Just left the Merc. At a loss for words, don’t know how to describe it, those volunteer folks are what we used to refer to in the south as “THE SALT OF THE EARTH” kinda folks. The world needs more people like that.

    Found the word I didn’t have last night to describe what I felt about The TBM folks and the hundred’s of other volunteers. Humbled. the scope, scale and magnitude of their presence was over powering. Amazing how they came in and knew what and how to do it. Sure they’ve practiced for this and have experience, but there’s something more to it.

  6. Posted by Steve on behalf of Miles:

    Thank you Baptists, for all your hard work!

  7. Posted by Steve on behalf of David M:

    Really sorry to have missed the Farewell for the Baptists party. Seems a little wimpy to have not been able to find the time given the time and sacrifice that they’ve given. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be if all those wonderful folks in yellow shirts hadn’t riden in to the rescue 6 weeks ago. There’s honestly no words that seem strong enough to express my families gratitude for their presence. You are all truly wonderful people.

  8. Posted by Steve on behalf of Sal DeVincenzo:

    Southern Baptists forever in the heart and soul of Jamestown. Thank You!

  9. Posted by Steve on behalf of Shane:

    Wow. What a difference a day makes…. Jamestown is so silent right now. The Texas Baptist People are not here this Weds morning. The hustle and busy work that they provided not happening . The energy and spirit they put into Jamestown no longer here. The smiles. The quiet confidence of their rebuild effort . The generosity they showed everyone and every task they were assigned and put their heart and backs into. Gone for now. Wow again. I miss these people. I miss this kind of love they unselfishly demonstrated . I personally have learned from it as well. To be a better man. A better person. To give freely to those I love and not be invested in the outcome except where it improves the lives of others. A lot of lessons to absorb here now that they are gone. As I stand here looking out from the front steps of our town hall I can not imagine the pain we would still be in if these people had not been here. Day 2 or 3 after the floods probably, with all of us overwhelmed with the tasks ahead to clean up and start the rebuild process. So , again, I say a grateful Thank You to the Texas Baptist Men and women who came and helped and have made such a difference here. God bless you all. My 02. shane-

  10. Posted by Steve on behalf of Cheyenne:

    Wanted to say a big thank you for your generosity in aiding our town. Your acts and mission reflect highly on you and your faith.

    Your teams have reminded me of my dear grandfather whom I have always regarded as the most Christian person I’ve known. Please accept this remembrance and the following prayer that he always said before traveling as a small token of my gratitude.

    Yahweh guards you from every evil. He guards your life.
    Yahweh guards you as you come and go, now and forever
    Psalm 121 7:8

  11. Posted by Steve on behalf of Donna Rabbitt:

    Yesterday I went to the disaster relief center in complete confusion over whom to contact about complete access to my cabin, I was sent to the Baptists room, two gentlemanly but eager men were happy to listen to my story. After three minutes I had the answer that I never would have thought of myself. The answer came from a man so certain of his knowledge and so gentle at the same time that I walked out of the office completely directed and certain myself. Wow…I had no idea how much not having a real direction could play on the psyche. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and abilities on the ground one on one with us. And Harold, thank you for your quick understanding of my problem. I got the word back from Tom, through Leon what was holding up the equipment. What a wonderful and truly loving service you provide in possibly the most stressful times of someone’s life. Kudos!

  12. Posted by Steve on behalf of Nina A:

    When we were still in shock and unable to act, you were there. You made such an incredible difference in all of our lives. You brought your light to the town through your good work and bright smiles. You removed the rubble so that we could see that our town just lies underneath. We are grateful for you all! Thank you for giving us your time, help and love to our little mountain town!

  13. Posted by Steve on behalf of Jyoti:

    The morning after returning from my son’s wedding in Oklahoma I drove to Jamestown with friends to see my home and Jamestown for the first time since the flood. When I stepped out of the car I was greeted by three Southern Baptists from Oklahoma! They hugged me and offered comfort. That was my first experience of the Southern Baptists in Jamestown. Close on their heals were pastors Larry and Tom from East Boulder Baptist Church, coming to find out what they could do to help. The next weekend, along with a dozen friends, a large group of East Boulder Baptists showed up at my house and in one day we all packed and moved my remaining belongings. I will never forget their incredible grace and compassionate support. In a strange way I feel almost privileged to have gone through this disaster so I could remember and experience very directly the kindness of strangers and the goodness in this world.

  14. Posted by Steve on behalf of Mary Bowles:

    Dear Baptist Volunteers:
    While I am not presently in Jamestown, I lived there for a time and consider it Home. I am very much saddened by the disaster that befell my friends and our sweet town. I have carefully watched the videos and pictures of the cleanup and rebuilding, and read the many messages from residents, to whom you brought so much relief and hope. Yellow shirts have taken on a whole new meaning! From my heart, I thank you SO MUCH for your selfless and caring service. We will never forget. Bless you all.

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