An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

. . . except that the photos are from Tara’s birthday party last night (Saturday) at the newly-cleaned-by-the Texas-Babtists-Merc. It was a wonderful night, just like old times. It made me feel for a moment like the past six weeks were only a dream. So good to be sitting at the Merc counter and seeing so many people show up with smiles on their faces after another long, hard cleanup day. Even if you weren’t there the whole community was there in spirit, including Joey.  –Steve–

What an amazing night tonight! I feel so happy hopeful and juiced for winter…. The Merc all lit up and flowing with love Thanks to everyone who made it happen And happy birthday, Tara!  –Oak–

It felt so wonderful to be in the Merc last night! Thank you to Rainbow and Adam and to everyone for a wonderful, just-like-old-times, best-birthday-I’ve-ever-had night! Love and hugs to you all!  –Tara–



_DSC1936 _DSC1935 _DSC1933



_DSC2005 _DSC2003 _DSC2002 _DSC1999 _DSC1997


_DSC1994 _DSC1992   _DSC1986 _DSC1985


_DSC1983  _DSC1978 _DSC1971  _DSC1959 _DSC1957 _DSC1949 _DSC1947  _DSC1944 _DSC1942 _DSC1941 _DSC1940 _DSC1939


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