An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

At last night’s community meeting in Boulder, Matt Kolhass strongly recommended that people hold off on paying off their mortgages with money received from the SBA. He said that that it may not be to their benefit in the long run. Matt is researching the process and tradeoffs and will report back to the community. He did not have time to go into any more details.

The main purpose of the meeting was a kickoff to the Master Planning process with HDR Engineering who volunteered their time to help us to begin brainstorming ideas about what we want our community to be like.  Some things that stood out for me:

  • HDR’s acknowledgement of Jamestown as a remarkable community that has taken responsibility for recovery and swung into action. They said they work with many other communities including ones that are still “waiting for something to happen” after their disaster.
  • Many brainstorming ideas  but strong consensus around the idea that Jamestown should maintain it’s current character including remaining “funky” and isolated. HDR will publish all the ideas and they will be posted here when they are available.
  • One of our big challenges is going to be balancing changes for rebuilding and future flood mitigation with tax base. Declare land and property unbuildable and you erode the tax base of an already cash-strapped town. It will be interesting to work through those challenges but I am sure we will.



Comments on: "Matt’s warning to delay paying off mortgage with SBA money" (2)

  1. Karen Sheren said:

    Re: “declaring property and land unbuildable”: I have learned there are alway MULTIPLE ways to solve a problem. Let’s explore LOTS of “what if” questions. What if multiple layers of retaining walls were built in a terrace type fashion? With house on highest level. I.e: raise the land.

    Could other lots be created in equal number to those lost? Could the town limits be even SLIGHTLY expanded to allow for this? Could then the town, rather than open space, own the land that is then declared unbuildable? Thereby keeping the tax base the same.

    Would the forest service “trade” or allow Jamestown to acquire, an EQUAL number of acres to those lost so that property owners who lost all be “given” another equal size lot to the one they lost?

    Let’s explore ALL options.

    • Hi Karen, yours are great ideas and excellent to inject into the Master Planning process. I’m sure we’ll be told how we can contribute ideas when the process is underway. In the mean time. HDR was going to leave some large aerial maps in the tow hall for people to mark up with their ideas. I encourage you to do that.

      I am not sure of HDR’s role. I think it is to help us prepare for the Master Planning process vs. facilitating the actual process. But I could be wrong about that. Mary Ellen should know.

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