An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Message from CenturyLink:

CenturyLink has established a Colorado flood line for all customer related issues. This number is (877) 908-9661 or please feel free to stop by our retail store at Boulder’s Twenty Ninth Street, just behind Burger King and south of 5 Guys on the west side. We are prepared to address your varying needs related to the flood: service credits, service transfer, billing, suspension, temporary, forwarding, etc.. Each customer is unique and we can assist you to tailor your services during this disaster.

Existing Services

  • Among other things, we can perform the following services to your existing account:
  • Suspend service (and related charges) temporarily
  • Create call forwarding or call following from your home telephone number
  • Provide replacement modems at no charge
  • Provide credit for service while you were not at home
  • We will also provide at no cost a new modem at the customer’s temporary new location.

New Services
We can set up temporary moves at new locations or transfers from existing homes:

  • Activation or move fees associated with temporary customer relocations will be waived
  • If a technician install is requested at the customer’s temporary new location, we will provide it at no cost

Your local CenturyLink manager Andrew and his crews are working with Tara, County Roads, Xcel, residents, etc… to maximize an organized restoral. We have restored fiber connectivity to the area and are working to repair the maximum number of customers as early as possible.

We are currently working on services for locations on the south side, in and around the elementary school. By tomorrow morning we will have phones at both the end of Main Street by the park and one at the Fire Station near the pole. We are working to put in additional lines at City Hall too.


Comments on: "Special CenturyLink customer support number" (1)

  1. I just had an excellent experience calling the CenturyLink emergency number. I spoke to Amanda and she was great, took care of all me questions and needs, And, get this, she told me how to get back in touch with her in the future.

    Specifically, I needed DSL service at the apartment we are moving to. I got it at the standard contract rate so I will be under a two year contract. But when we move I can cancel it with no penalties.

    I am getting a leased modem for $6.99 a month with a $10 monthly credit to offset the lease charge.

    I inquired about whether the $8.50 charge to keep our home phone and forward it is the best rate. She checked and said yes but is giving us a free month of credit on that.

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