An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

This story was told to me by someone on the day the Main Street bridge was cleared who witnessed the event. I decided to post it so it would’t get lost. – Steve

A couple of weeks ago, the contractors showed up to clear the debris from the Main Street bridge, which was causing the water to flow around the bridge and through  properties and houses all long lower Main. They showed up with heavy construction equipment but realized they didn’t have a dump truck to haul the dirt and rocks away.  At that exact moment of realization an older gentleman showed up at the bridge in an old beat-up dump truck. He told the crew he had awoke that morning with a message from God to drive to Jamestown with his truck. He worked all day hauling the debris from under the bridge  and dumped it down the canyon. He left at the end of the day and to my knowledge,  nobody has seem him since nor do we know his name or where he was from.  

The photos here are what it looked like when they were done.


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