An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

The next Jamestown Community Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at 6 pm at the Boulder County Courthouse in the Commissioner Chambers. This meeting will be a little different than the last one. We’ll provide some updates on recent activities, but then we’re going to engage YOU as we begin the Recovery/Rebuild Process.

Yesterday we distributed the Request For Proposal to multiple engineering firms for the hydrology piece of the master plan. The Department of Local Affairs and other State Agencies are going to provide volunteer technical expertise for the Land Use pieces. The objectives of this master plan are:

  • To involve the Jamestown Community in the development of the Master Plan
  •  Allow for as many re-buildable lots as possible by Spring 2014
  •  Design natural stream morphology into the Creek
  •  Improve stream and floodplain capacity and morphology
  •  Recommendations for revised Town ordinances

HDR Engineering has volunteered to facilitate a process with everyone to begin gathering Our Community’s input into the master planning process. So this will be the focus of the Community Meeting on Tuesday. Please come share your ideas, thoughts, concerns and new ideas. This is just a brainstorming session, no decisions will be made and no ideas are bad ideas.

Please let me know if you need anything before then.

Thank you!

Love to you all!


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