An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

We are encouraging all Jamestown homeowners who were affected by the flood to get your work orders in with the Southern Baptists if you need anything done with your home.

The Baptists are currently set up at the town hall. They can help with anything from mud/sand clean out (in and around your home), packing, mold remediation, debris removal from your property, etc.
It sounds like we will have several work crews coming in this weekend to help the Baptists, and it will be a good chance to get things done before winter! Who knows, it may be our last really nice weekend.

If you’re bringing volunteers, please sign in at the town hall and the Southern Baptists will assign you to various homeowner work orders. Work will continue on Saturday, the 19th, coordinated by the Baptists, even though many homeowners will be at Joey’s Memorial.

Please get your work orders in. If you need to call them, please call the Town’s phone at 303-586-2769 and we can try to get you connected with them. We’ll see if they have direct number too.

We will plan to do another BBQ on Sunday afternoon around 4pm, so if you can stick it would be nice to see folks!

Love, Tara & JaVayne


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