An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

I (Steve) have been wondering if the James Canyon community would want private web discussion forums that are only open to people with a log in. Private means that it is not visible to everyone on the web. Discussion forums could be set up if there is a desire for it.

You can voice your opinion by taking the poll below.

If you are not familiar with forums, it would allow us to have predefined forum topics and people could post within a relevant topic. For example, a topic might be “Jamestown School”..

There are pros and cons.


  • People could  talk privately about community matters behind a password-protected log in.
  • Administrators could control who has access. If someone registers who does not have a legitimate connection to the community they can be denied registration.
  • There may more and more  sensitive disaster recovery things to discuss as time goes on. Doing it openly in the discussion community may encourage more participation instead of avoiding the discussions all together because of privacy concerns.


  • The QT plays a strong role in the community and it could be detrimental if private discussions diluted QT use. But I think that risk can be reduced or eliminated by people exercising good judgement on what is appropriate for the QT and what is not. Forum  administrators could also make recommendations if something looks to be more appropriate for the QT.
  • While reasonably easy to use, forums may present usability challenges to some people. But if there are some volunteers, help could be provided. Once logged in, a forum topic could provide help on using the forums.

To gauge interest, please take the poll, but only if you live in James Canyon above the Ward turnoff and below the Peak-to-Peak. Friends of Jamestown, thanks for cooperating by not taking the poll.


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