An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Posted by Lulu on the QT:

I just wanted to gently remind folks that the first Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Joey will be this Saturday, October 19th from 11am – 3pm at The Greenbriar then immediately following at Wapo’s Cantina from 3:00-6:00pm for music from The Jug Band and probably another band, too.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: There is construction on Route 36 just before The Briar. Please give yourself plenty of time. I went to The Briar to meet Zach on Sunday and it took me an hour and 30 minutes from the Bar-K.

Some people have asked for specifics of what will happen at The Briar. The service will be in the main dining room. There will be approximately 150 seats and plenty of standing room. Our schedule is subject to change slightly, but currently looks like this:

11am – Guests arrive

11:30 – Service starts with a Eulogy by Joey’s dear friend, Jim Babcock, from Oregon.

12noon-ish-2:30 – Guests are invited to speak, sing a song, cry, smile, whatever is in your heart. We are requesting that folks share for no more than 5 minutes (5 minutes=12 people per hour). Please remember that this is the first of many Celebrations of Life for Joey. If we don’t get to speak this time there will be plenty of other opportunities at future celebrations.

12:30-2:30 – Buffet opens in the sun room. Very casual for folks to mill about while others are speaking or singing.

3:00pm – Off to Wapo’s for The Jug Band and another band, and Happy Hour Specials.

There will be no live music at The Briar other than those who choose to sing a song instead of speaking. The live music will be at Wapo’s!

The requested $20 donation goes to paying for the food, tax, and gratuity. Beer & wine will be about $3 each. If you are not able to donate, please do not worry!!! Come and celebrate life with us. The money side of things will work out, it always does!

Phil at The Briar is going to take excellent care of us all and comped us a ton of things. Any monies left over will go directly to Zach. Zach will distribute funds to help rebuild The Merc as the heart of a recovering Jamestown.

Laura Williams is creating Memorial kazoos as keep-sakes, be ready to kazoo from your heart for a tune or two!

Heather is creating a photo montage to be shared via laptops or a projector. Please bring any photos you have because there will be a memory table.

Anne Kosel is creating a donation box, memory journals, and guest books.

Rainbow is coordinating the bands at Wapo’s.

A dear friend of mine from Florida has donated flower blossoms for us to place into the pond with a wish or a song. Donna Rabbitt is securing additional floral donations for the tables.

Julie & Matt are organizing a playroom space in the private dining room for the kiddos. Feel free to bring activities to share. If the weather is nice, we think we’ll be able to figure out an outside playspace. [Even if the weather is nice, we cannot have the service outside for a variety of logistical reasons.]

Thanks and love to all!


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