An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

The following was posted on the QT by John G.

Random thoughts on winterizing:

The water line to the fridge is full of water. Disconnect it after shutting off the supply. The inlet valve is, too, and won’t empty unless you disconnect all of the water lines inside the fridge and shake it out. The built-in filter is full of water. So is the plastic line inside the box, coiled up so you get chilled water out of the door.

The same goes for the water supply line to the dishwasher.

Flush the toilet, leaving the tank empty.

If your shower has a physical handle to direct the flow to the shower head, the pipe in the wall is full of water unless you turn the handle halfway so it can drain.

If you have a booster pump for pressure, it will be full of water.

Disconnect the water hoses to the washing machine. Start a warm cycle to open both hot and cold valves for a bit. Advance to spin and let that run for a bit too.

“Learned the hard way”


Comments on: "Winterize your house if it’s not going to be heated" (1)

  1. Pour RV ant-freeze in all the drains with traps (sinks, toilet, shower).

    Turn the water off to the house and blow the water out of the water lines, or have someone like Louie do it for you.

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