An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Myself and some of my neighbors have forwarded our home phones to another number while dropping all other services. After comparing prices we found that we are paying wildly varying rates from zero to $20 or more a month. My own experience in trying to address this with the standard CentruryLink service number was frustrating to say the least. But I was finally able to call a special “Retention Department” number and get help (thanks Call for your QT post). Scott reduced our rate from $17.45/month to $8.73/month for four months. We can make the same request in four months and hopefully get the rate extended again if necessary. Here is what you can do . . .

If you are paying more than $8.73/month for home phone plus forwarding, call 866.961.2650. Explain your situation in Jamestown and mention the flood. Ask if there are any “loyalty discounts” and mention you heard that there is a “4 month promotional rate” of $8,73 that at least one of your neighbors received.

There is no guarantee that you will get the same rate but I did find the representative to be attentive and understanding for the first time.

If you get an even lower rate please help your neighbors by providing specific information in a Comment.



Comments on: "How to get a low CenturyLink home phone service charge" (3)

  1. Maggie Fitzgerald said:

    Thanks, Steve. I just called and got my bill fixed from $23 to $8.73 per month. It had been set up incorrectly last call. Thanks again.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Maggie Fitzgerald


    • That’s great Maggie. I think we finally cracked the secret code. BTW, I deleted your phone number from your comment. This is now a widely viewed web site and I think it best to keep personal information out.

  2. Cal Aston said:

    In case this hasn’t happened yet for others, I also had my Century Link bill for September completely dropped. My billing comes out on the 10th of each month so I only received 2 days of service before the outage, and Century Link credited me for the whole month.

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