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Join the Jamestown Office Team

We are looking to assemble a team of volunteer Office Assistants to provide support for Tara, Mary Ellen and Rebecca in the office so that they can remain focused on rebuilding our town and helping its residents.


IMPORTANT Lefthand Canyon Update

Duran Construction will be moving their equipment into Lefthand Canyon over the next 5 days. They will have 30 days to complete the repairs/winter road for Lefthand Canyon, and they will be working 7 days/week. On Monday Nov. 4 they will start in earnest. Please plan on using alternate routes. There will be no safe access during the construction phase. We are 35 days away from having Lefthand back!

Monday November 4th – Cyclists 4 Jamestown Fundraiser at Hapa Sushi

Come out and enjoy the fine Asian cuisine of Hapa Sushi between 5:30 and 10 pm on Monday November 4th and support the Cyclists 4 Jamestown / Rebuild Jamestown effort!. 50% of all sales during the evening will be donated to help rebuild Jamestown!


Nuggets basketball camp for flood-affected kids

The goal of the Nuggets event is to provide entertainment for kids (ages 7-16) that have been impacted by the floods.


Mountain Strong by Kyle Williams

Farewell dinner for Texas Babtisis

Hey Jimtowners!

The Last 22 Texas Baptists are leaving tomorrow morning.
There will be a farewell dinner at The Merc at 5pm tonight. (Tuesday)
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and then some…

Dinner is $10, we hope to cover costs by thankful Jimtown neighbors, so that we can give a free dinner to our amazing Baptist friends.

Come if you can!


Colorful Jamestown history web page

Mary Ellen and Robert Hastings both brought this  Jamestown history web page to my attention. It contains unique history and first-hand accounts about life in Jamestown from former residents. It is well worth a read if you are not put off by Jamestown being called a ghost town in the title. Missing so far is any mention of the Great Flood of 2013.  You can submit suggested content for the page here. —Steve

Canyon Road Video

Routine party photos EXCEPT . . .

. . . except that the photos are from Tara’s birthday party last night (Saturday) at the newly-cleaned-by-the Texas-Babtists-Merc. It was a wonderful night, just like old times. It made me feel for a moment like the past six weeks were only a dream. So good to be sitting at the Merc counter and seeing so many people show up with smiles on their faces after another long, hard cleanup day. Even if you weren’t there the whole community was there in spirit, including Joey.  –Steve–

What an amazing night tonight! I feel so happy hopeful and juiced for winter…. The Merc all lit up and flowing with love Thanks to everyone who made it happen And happy birthday, Tara!  –Oak–

It felt so wonderful to be in the Merc last night! Thank you to Rainbow and Adam and to everyone for a wonderful, just-like-old-times, best-birthday-I’ve-ever-had night! Love and hugs to you all!  –Tara–


Get help from the “ask me anything” Community Advocate

Rebecca Lawrence is the new Community Advocate for Jamestown. She says:

Ask me anything.: questions/problems concerning benefits through the system; local resources; emotional support; housing needs; home furnishings; clothing, etc.. There are no trivial questions. I don’t have all the answers but, I will find them for you.” –Rebecca–

Click the VALUABLE RESOURCES link in the sidebar to contact Rebecca.

The wonderful story of Joey’s cat, Shadow

Shadow is Joey’s cat who amazingly showed up after 40 days when everyone thought she was lost in the mud slide. Her leg was partly amputated but she is doing well and she will be adopted into a loving home. If you want to make a donation to Shadow for the medical and ongoing care, you may drop it off at the Town Hall.

Here is the story of Shadow as it unfolded on the town bulletin board:.

Heather, Oct. 21: Earlier today I found Shadow up Howlett’s Gulch. She is one strong kitty! Ann and I took her to the vet where she is eating and being well taken care of. She will have surgery in the morning on her broken leg and hopes to continue living in Jamestown adored by all. She will most likely convalesce with Ann and between the neighbors, Zach and myself will find a new home close to her old one. Here’s to small miracles!

Lisa, Oct. 21: About 12 years ago, Joey was catless after he and Susie split up, and he asked me to help find him a new buddy. At the time I worked at the Humane Society and found Shadow in the lost cat area where no one ever showed up to claim her. The staff at the time had named her Crackers, and as soon as I met her I knew she was Joey’s cat. He told me many times she was the best cat he ever had.

Jennifer, Oct. 22: Aw shadow, amazing!

Karen, Oct. 22: What a special gift to find Joey’s cat! Wow! What a survivor! I would also be willing to pitch in on any vet bills.

Anne, Oct. 22: Fellow Jimtowners, I just left the vet’s office, and Shadow is recovering from her surgery. Joe had to remove the lower part of her back leg. It still had blood supply, but it would have been floppy and in her way, so this was best for her. She has already learned to be a three legged cat, so that will help with her recovery. He want’s to keep her a couple nights, so I’ll pick her up on Thursday and am willing to keep her until we can find her real home. Dr. Joe is giving us a deal, but the bill will be $600.00. Donations would be GREAT!!!!! She IS a remarkable cat.

Tara, Oct. 22: If you are in Jamestown and want to make a donation to Shadow, you may drop it off at the Town Hall. We will ensure that she receives it.

Bela, Oct. 24: The image below was taken today at noon at the Jamestown office. Tara is with Joey’s cat Shadow. Anne just brought back Shadow from the hospital. Shadow is doing fine after surviving the flood, 40 days in the rubble and a leg amputation. Amazing.


MUST SEE: Jamestown on the floor of the U.S. Senate

Here is a great video of Senator Bennet on the Senate Floor speaking about the Colorado Flood. He speaks about Jamestown, the devastation we experienced and the incredible spirit of our Community. It’s amazing to see the incredible progress our Community has made. Go Jamestown – with all this support we will Rebuild!

Love, Tara


More progress, Xcel poles going up on Main Street

Photo by Javayne.

flood 011

$5 Hot Rize tickets for flood victims

Details here.

Progress on Main Street

Cheyenne’s photo showing progress on Main Street.

Main Street Progress


Special CenturyLink customer support number

Message from CenturyLink:

CenturyLink has established a Colorado flood line for all customer related issues. This number is (877) 908-9661 or please feel free to stop by our retail store at Boulder’s Twenty Ninth Street, just behind Burger King and south of 5 Guys on the west side. We are prepared to address your varying needs related to the flood: service credits, service transfer, billing, suspension, temporary, forwarding, etc.. Each customer is unique and we can assist you to tailor your services during this disaster.


Matt’s warning to delay paying off mortgage with SBA money

At last night’s community meeting in Boulder, Matt Kolhass strongly recommended that people hold off on paying off their mortgages with money received from the SBA. He said that that it may not be to their benefit in the long run. Matt is researching the process and tradeoffs and will report back to the community. He did not have time to go into any more details.


Housing help

If you or someone you know from Jamestown is looking for housing, please contact Rebecca Lawrence or call the town hall at 303-586-2769.

Miracle at the Main Street bridge

This story was told to me by someone on the day the Main Street bridge was cleared who witnessed the event. I decided to post it so it would’t get lost. – Steve

A couple of weeks ago, the contractors showed up to clear the debris from the Main Street bridge, which was causing the water to flow around the bridge and through  properties and houses all long lower Main. They showed up with heavy construction equipment but realized they didn’t have a dump truck to haul the dirt and rocks away.  At that exact moment of realization an older gentleman showed up at the bridge in an old beat-up dump truck. He told the crew he had awoke that morning with a message from God to drive to Jamestown with his truck. He worked all day hauling the debris from under the bridge  and dumped it down the canyon. He left at the end of the day and to my knowledge,  nobody has seem him since nor do we know his name or where he was from.  

The photos here are what it looked like when they were done.

Heartbreaking photos of Ward Street before and after the flood

These stunning before and after photos were contributed by Laurel Wanrow.

up ward-before-after

ward street garden party

ward street before-after

Sal’s Cat Photo

Sals cat photo showing progress in the county road restoration.
sals cat

Flood Journals

I have added a new page to for the community to share their writing about the flood.  Please take a look and consider adding what you would like to share. You can access the page at any time by clicking Journals in the top menu.


Lower Main closed for 2 to 4 days starting Monday


Quick update on Century Link fro  Mayor Tara

We met with Century Link and Xcel this morning and walked through Town with them.  Century Link has fiber into Town, but they need to repair the copper to deliver phone service.  They are dependent on Xcel to put up poles so Century Link can run the cables.  The plan is:

Monday 10/21

Xcel will begin replacing poles down Lower Main St.  This will take 2-4 days.  They will be working down there from8:30-dark.  During these hours we request that people do not drive on Lower Main St.  If you need to plan to leave your vehicle on either side and walk, that is fine.  But the activities these work crews will be performing are such that they will not be able to move out of the way.  So, beginning Monday Lower Main St will be effectively closed to residential traffic from 8:30-dark for 2-4 days.

Once Xcel is finished Century Link will be able to begin restoring service to individual properties.

Please share this information with everyone.  I’d hate for people to be stuck on either side of these work crews and then be delayed for a long time.  Please also know that this will not impede the work of the Southern Baptists.  We have this organized.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Kazoos at Joey’s memorial

Kazoos at Joey’s memorial; only in Jamestown

Community Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22

The next Jamestown Community Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at 6 pm at the Boulder County Courthouse in the Commissioner Chambers. This meeting will be a little different than the last one. We’ll provide some updates on recent activities, but then we’re going to engage YOU as we begin the Recovery/Rebuild Process.

FEMA filing deadline is November 14

The Nov. 14 deadline is approaching for survivors in nine designated Colorado counties to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster assistance.  Read more.

Free VANS clothing for flood victims, Friday, Oct. 18

Thanks to SCHS Junior Alex Rodgers, VANS is coming to Longmont with a truckload of shoes, hats, shirts and hoodies to giveaway to flood victims. The giveaway is Friday, Oct. 18th from 4-6 pm in the Lifebridge Church Parking Lot. 10345 Ute Hwy Longmont, CO 80504.


We are encouraging all Jamestown homeowners who were affected by the flood to get your work orders in with the Southern Baptists if you need anything done with your home.


Boulder County flood recovery hub

All sorts of helpful information–phone numbers, housing help, request help, etc.

New Colorado web site for recovery information

Announcing the new, useful and timely Official State of Colorado Website for Recovery Information and Resources for Colorado flood survivors. The name — Colorado United — was chosen to illustrate how communities are coming together to help. You can find a wealth of info on housing, safety, where to donate, and much more.

Joey’s Memorial, Saturday from 11 to 3

Posted by Lulu on the QT:

I just wanted to gently remind folks that the first Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Joey will be this Saturday, October 19th from 11am – 3pm at The Greenbriar then immediately following at Wapo’s Cantina from 3:00-6:00pm for music from The Jug Band and probably another band, too.


Contact Fred’s if you need propane over the winter

Fred’s is asking Jamestown residents to contact them if you need propane over the winter:


Phone: (303) 444-1787

POLL: Would you like to have a private community-only discussion area?

I (Steve) have been wondering if the James Canyon community would want private web discussion forums that are only open to people with a log in. Private means that it is not visible to everyone on the web. Discussion forums could be set up if there is a desire for it.

You can voice your opinion by taking the poll below.


Free Boulder County workshop on flood damage and insurance claims

Who should attend?

All residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the recent flooding are encouraged to attend this workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A portion of the program and get answers from a FEMA representative and an expert on consumer advocacy and insurance claims.


Signs of progress, October 12, 2013

Looking up 12th Street, cleared by Quinter and Marshall
12th steert open_DSC1880

Saturday morning coffee at the Merc
richie and shane_DSC1888

Clearing debris
clearing debris_DSC1892

Jimtown Beach

Jen and Louie_DSC1902

Jen and  Richy_DSC1904

Leesa, Louie, Jen_DSC1906


Critical financial deadline approaching

As we learned at the town meeting on Wednesday, the name SBA is a real misnomer. (Government, go figure.) The SBA is a major source of PERSONAL and business assistance in the form of low interest and/or grants if you qualify. The tricky part is that there’s no way to know if you qualify unless you apply. The application deadline is Nov. 14, 2013 and if you miss that you are out of luck if you find out you need personal assistance after that date. For example, if a crack shows up in your foundation later on due to the super-saturated soil..

Keep checking the countdown timer in the right sidebar so you don;t get caught by surprise and miss the deadline.


Rebuild Jamestown Video


Inside Jamestown . . . Facing Disaster; The Jamestown Flood

Hear the Mayor recount the harrowing events of September 11, 2013, and see what happened to Jamestown, Colorado in the days that followed.

More insurance advice if you have been denied coverage

If you think you have been unjustifiably denied insurance coverage (such as denied continuation of homeowners insurance) you can follow these steps:

  1. Ask for a denial letter in writing with the reason for the denial. Tell them you want it so that you can give it to  the State Division of Insurance. You may find that  they suddenly reverse their decision right there. If not go to the next step when you get the denial letter.
  2. Call Tracy Garceau when you have the denial letter and have her advise you on what to do next. 303.894.7803
  3. Share your experience in a Comment to this post so that others can benefit from your experience of what worked and what didn’t.

A Jamestown resident was recently able to quickly get a decision reversed at Step 1.

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