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Disclaimer: The information provided here is NOT official. Each person/family must work with FEMA directly to arrange their rent assistance according to their own situation.

I have been trying to understand what criteria FEMA uses to determine if I will qualify for rent assistance after the first month. I kept hearing about “accessibility” and it was sounding as if when my house is accessible I may no longer qualify for rent assistance. This concerns me because my house may become accessible long before I am able to live there. For us, it is not feasible to live in the house if there is no water. So if I can get to my house but have not water, will I still qualify for rent assistance?

I had a long conversation with Koreena at the FEMA help line about this. She explained that the inspector will actually be evaluating two things: 1) is the house accessible, and 2) is it habitable (they do a “habitability assessment”). Habitability is based on three “S” criteria: is the house “Safe, Secure, and Sanitary”? Not having water seems to fit into the sanitary assessment but I’m not sure about that. Regardless, having water appears to be a condition for habitability.

Bottom line, when my house is accessible, if I don’t have water I think I will still qualify for rent assistance. This gives me some peace of mind, although it is not a certainty until the inspector makes his or her inspection.



Comments on: "Will FEMA rent assistance end when my house becomes accessible?" (1)

  1. If your utilities are still out the inspector should ask you if you are planning to stay or move while repairs are being made, this also goes for dmg to home… depending on how you answer that question would be the first step in continued housing assistance after completing your home inspection. If you have any questions about housing you should call 8006213362….. if you haven’t had your house inspection you can still receive the 2nd month just call the number above and they can explain to you what needs to be done. Hope this helps! SW

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