An historical archive of the year of the great flood.

Here’s quick update….  there are 10 of us up here above Jamestown.

WE ARE SAFE WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. The two education facilities are stocked with food for hundreds of kids.  Our biggest concern is not being able to eat it before it spoils.  Dave and Lee Mitchell have opened their home to us.  It has a full size fridge and Jacuzzi tub, and unlimited water.

Yesterday, Teague and Dene, with heavy equipment, were able to fill in the two big cut outs on Balarat Road.  We now have access to Jamestown from Overland Road and Boulder now through the Bar-K to Black Hawk/Golden.  This is passable only with 4 wheel drive.

They are only letting residents back in here with I.D. at Peak to Peak Highway.

The Mitchell’s mud hole is still flowing water from the underground spring.  No one can drive through this area until the water stops flowing from below. We simply park our vehicles and walk into the woods a short distance to get picked up on the other side.  No big deal.

Last night, we were all invited to join Rafeal to have dinner at Calwood Education Center.  We had fajita / soft tacos. AND,  I enjoyed a hot shower at the Mitchel’s home.  All is good here.

Yesterday, Glenn and I cut four 8″ diameter trees down, branched them, and muscled them across a water cut out to create a walking bridge for Karen Sharon. Lot’s of little projects to do up here.

We have unlimited potable water!  We have showers and baths. We have hand held radios.  We have cell phones and Internet. TV is available at three locations. We have back up generators and gas for weeks.

We have medical supplies if needed. Teague can call in a helicopter if there is a medical emergency.

Today we are starting to dig out going down Balarat.  We have a metal track bulldozer and backhoe.  The plan is to make the road passable down to the paved road at the bottom of Balarat.  Then start clearing and filling the road down to Jamestown.

Crews are working their way down from Bar-K.  Several people have hiked down from Bar-K.  The slides will need to be cleared before traffic can move through.  The paved road bed remains, however rubble will need to be removed.  We have a guy, on a dirt bike, that can shuttle medicine in and out if needed.

The guys operating the big equipment feel it will take 3 days to create safe passage for traffic out of Jamestown up to Peak to Peak, then south on 72 down to Gold Hill, then down Sunshine Canyon to Boulder.  There are less than 20 cars in Jamestown and fewer people to drive them.  Jamestown has been evacuated accept for the communications command center and a few residents. (Last I heard, Leon and June have stayed.)

Nate hiked down (from Jamestown) and back from the Holiday Inn. He needed a cigarette. His eye witness account: James and Left Hand Canyons are gone. 50-60% of the road has been washed away from Jamestown to the Greenbriar. My guess, it will take months, possibly a year or more to rebuild the road from Boulder to Jamestown. The river will need to be rerouted to make room for road base. Winter is around the corner.  It could snow any day.

Once we have access to Peak to Peak we will be able to get more diesel and gas and supplies and equipment in here. Teague, the director at Balarat says their plan is to be open to receive kids as soon as the roads are safe for the buses to travel in and out.

At my place:

We have set up a small command center for the 10 of us.  The gasoline generator here at my cabin is working fine. Rain or shine we have unlimited power.  The refrigerator is full of food.  Alphie, the cat is rolling over showing us his belly whenever he wants to be fed.  We are all in good spirits.  Some of us are getting to know each other for the first time is a meaningful way.  Today, my first priority is hiking two miles to Karen Sharon’s cabin to give her a hand held radio so she can be in communication with our group.

Once the road is open —> Glenn plans to stay up here all winter.  Ross and Mary have offered their home, as well as Adelyn. Glenn has a place or two to stay in Boulder as well.  I can also travel to Santa Fe if I need to.

Keep the emails coming, call whenever you like. Leave a detailed message if no one picks up the phone.

We are all practicing being present…. there’s no place to go, nothing to do — but be present in each moment.

We have 10 human nervous systems up here regulating together into harmony — it’s a great spiritual practice.




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  1. Chef Garbo said:

    thanks for the update eric! I work at Balarat and know they’re all ok up there. colorado strong

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