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This is how we remember Joey

Daily Camera article, September 29, 2013


Will FEMA rent assistance end when my house becomes accessible?

Disclaimer: The information provided here is NOT official. Each person/family must work with FEMA directly to arrange their rent assistance according to their own situation.

I have been trying to understand what criteria FEMA uses to determine if I will qualify for rent assistance after the first month. I kept hearing about “accessibility” and it was sounding as if when my house is accessible I may no longer qualify for rent assistance. This concerns me because my house may become accessible long before I am able to live there. For us, it is not feasible to live in the house if there is no water. So if I can get to my house but have not water, will I still qualify for rent assistance?


Volunteers help Jamestown

Article in the Daily Camera: Volunteers help Jamestown

Help make Monday’s Boulder Theater event a success

Posted by Anne on the QT:

We are looking for 5-6 volunteers to help with set-up at the Boulder Theater on Monday afternoon from 12:30pm–on. As little or as much time as you can give will be greatly appreciated. We will also need some folks to help at the doors during the event & cleanup helpers afterwards.

See Anne’s contact information in her QT post if you would like to jump in and help these incredibly kind & generous folks throw us a party. (After all we are experts at this.) Thank you! Can’t wait to see you all.

Reduced hours for disaster assistance

Boulder County’s Longmont and Boulder Disaster Assistance Centers (DACs) will reduce their open hours beginning Friday, Sept. 27, as all services being offered at the centers begin to transition back to city and county offices and community non-profit organizations.

Danny Shafer, one of Jamestown’s favorite sons on 9 News

Danny Shafer sings on 9 News

Danny promotes the  “Wake of the Flood” benefit concert on Saturday, September 28th.

Free rebuilding advice from FEMA, 9/28 to 10/1

See FEMA’s public notice about rebuilding advice here.

Vice President Joe Biden’s Message to Mayor Tara

We are also so very proud of Tara and grateful for the great work she is doing for Jamestown.

Heart warming message from Scott W

Originally Posted on the QT by Scott (the G-man in the black caddy)

ive been to many disasters but i can say ive never been to a stronger community, as i said before the determination, strength, and gratitude was inspirational. you jimtowners are the model of how a community should come together after such an event. if i could bottle the spirit of jamestown i would call it “mountain strong”.

i will stay off the board now but i just had to share what i took from your little town.
your friend and hopefully honorary jimtowner, scott


Use Bottled Water

Town of Jamestown
Hiervan el Agua Antes de Usarla

Our drinking water system experienced multiple line breaks and our filters have been compromised as a result of the recent flooding events on September 12, 2013. As a result, the distribution system has been breached and contamination has entered the drinking water supply. As a result of the floods, we are not treating or producing any drinking water. Do not use water from your tap – this includes for bathing and hygiene purposes.

What does this mean? What should I do?

See the Miracle on Main Street

We have stayed away from posting photos of the disaster because there are plenty of places to see them. But these before and after shots are too amazing to ignore. On Wednesday, September 25th the Boulder County road crew cleared a path down lower Main Street giving access to utility crews and allowing many delighted residents to get their cars off of Mesa Street, high above the flood plain.

It’s no super highway but it’s getting the job done. The work included installing a culvert next to the Main Street bridge to allow the creek that used to flow under the bridge before the flood, to flow alongside it.


Before (photo by Steve E)

Main Street before 9-25-2013


After (photo by Nancy E)


Main Street after 9-25-2013


Get Boulder County services referrals and free assistance on Saturday

From: Boulder County (originally posted on the QT)

HHS Director Frank Alexander, Wendy, and county staff will be at Town Hall in Jamestown this Saturday from 1-5. We will have referrals for County services, gas cards and food assistance sign ups for Jamestown residents. Please spread the word. #boulderflood

Free Jamestown-only Music Event at the Boulder Theater

Conscious Alliance, a local nonprofit, and the Boulder Theater are hosting a free night of entertainment and dinner for the community of Jamestown. Please join us in this family friendly event, Monday, September 30th, at the Boulder Theater for a night of music, food and friends. Doors will open at 5:30pm with dinner and live music shortly following.

To ensure that this event brings the Jamestown community together in this difficult time, please bring a valid ID/household bill ensuring you are a Jamestown resident. If you would like to bring a non-resident guest, please limit this to one guest, as we would like to keep this a private event and a strong community gathering for the residents of Jamestown.

If you have any questions regarding this special night, please feel free to reach out to the Conscious Alliance office at (720) 406-7871, we look forward to seeing you Monday!

G-man in the black caddy is leaving

So far, Scott Warner, FEMA Inspector, has been the public face of FEMA in Jamestown. He’s been great to work with and extremely helpful but he’s been reassigned. We have come to know Scott as the G-man in the black caddy. This seems like a good time to thank Scott and FEMA for everything they have done so far for the people of Jamestown.

Here is the parting message from Scott, originally posted on the Jamestown QT:

tomorrow will be my last day in jimtown i am moving to another area for a different project, you guys have been awesome…..they will be sending several other inspectors in to finish the inspections mike harris has already arrived and hes a great inspector hope he has the same experience i have with you folks!!!

Photos by Sal DeVincenzo, photographer extraordinaire:

scott feme (Copy)

cadillac (Copy)

Mesa Street is Open

From: Tara Schoedinger, Mayor

It’s official, County Roads Maintenance and Excel worked all day today and were able to build a crude up to Mesa. I haven’t seen the final product, but people have been able to get their cars out.

There is a lot of work going on, so please be safe.

There is a Town Board Meeting tomorrow night at 7pm. Please see the official Jamestown website for details.

We will rebuild!

Love, Tara

Tip for rodent-proofing stranded cars

From: Hollis, the Jamestown car guru

For everyone who can’t get their cars out. You might want to check under the hood for rodents taking up residence. Look in the air filter compartment, look for chewed wires in engine compartment, and if you can check behind glove box, also look for droppings on top of battery and other surfaces under hood. Chewed wires for engine can leave the car inoperable. You can try leaving moth-balls around and in vehicle. I really haven’t found any one really effective deterrent . Leaving the hood open and glove box open denies them that secluded space they like. With the hood open you might want to secure it with a bungy chord so the wind doesn’t flip it. Or maybe just prop it open a few inches and secure it.

Disaster food assistance ends Friday (9/24/2013)

From: Boulder County Housing and Human Services

As you may have seen, Boulder County residents who have been impacted by the recent flooding (including county employees) now have access to a temporary expansion of the federal food assistance program (SNAP). It’s known as the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or D-SNAP, and it provides one month of food assistance funding (between $200 and $1,200, averaging about $668 for a family of four) for those who qualify.

There is a very short application window for D-SNAP. Applications will not be accepted after this Friday, Sept. 27th.

If you know someone who may qualify for D-SNAP, please make sure they know they can come to one of the Disaster Assistance Centers to apply. The application process takes between 20 and 45 minutes.

Here are documents with D-SNAP information that may be helpful to you:

D-SNAP Food Assistance Highlights

D-SNAP Disaster Food Assistance Eligibility Criteria

D-SNAP Disaster Food Assistance Income Guidelines

5 Tips for Saving Money


Originally psted on the QT by Matt .

Here’s some tips you may consider to save some $$$:

1. Defer your mortgage payments, house insurance payments, car insurance payments, car payments, credit card payments, student loan payments, other items you are paying for over time;
2. Stop your phone service, cable, internet, trash, etc.;
3. File a homeowner’s insurance claim, even though this may be a flood insurance event. This allows the homeowner’s insurance adjuster to make a decision about what caused specific damages. For instance, you may have a leaky roof that is covered under your homeowner’s policy;
4. Make a list and take pictures of items that have been lost or damaged in the flood. I’m not sure how much detail you should have in this list (ie. number of nails in a jar?) but if you’ve got the time, it couldn’t hurt. You may be able to write off these losses on you income taxes.

I am by no means an expert on these issues. These are just some of the methods we are using to try to offset the potentially large financial hit we are facing.

Request from JVFD

If you are by your house and have fire extinguishers the JVFD has requested that you leave them in front of your house so that they can be easily spotted in an emergency.

Update from Scott Warner, FEMA Inspector

  1. when you call FEMA and tell them your house is ready to be inspected after it had been deemed inaccessible during our first meeting it then becomes an “inaccessible inspection” for ME or possibly another inspector in the days to come to go inspect (i will tell them not to send anyone else that drives a caddy)
  2. thank you for your patience.
  3. if you’ve gotten a denial letter prior to meeting for the first its most likely due to the answer you gave when applying
  4. i will be there early in the morning leaving golden @ 6 and will be there accordingly
  5. “mountain strong”

Comment from Steve:

Regarding a denial letter, Scott did not say, but the implication I get is to call FEMA and try to correct whatever may be inaccurate. I don’t see how anyone would know what question was inaccurate so you probably should review all the answers to make any needed truthful corrections.

The number is (800) 621-3362. Nancy and I have called them several times and the people on the other end have been helpful and friendly. However, they do not all seem to be equally knowledgable. If you are not satisfied with the way it’s going I would suggest calling back.

Read NY Times article about the great flood

The article is here.

Help Rebuild Jamestown

The Rebuild Jamestown website has been set up along with an easy way to donate using the Donate Now button. It will take you to the secure donation web site. These funds will be collected to benefit Jamestown directly and will be used exclusively to rebuild Jamestown’s infrastructure. Please circulate this website as widely as you can and let’s work on using as much of the goodwill toward Jamestown towards it’s rebuilding.

Big thanks to David Mans, Matt Moseley, and Lenny Armijo, who have volunteered much of their time and energy to helping us get this off the ground!

Recovery Assistance

Go to or for information about assistance and resources available for those affected by the Boulder flood. The Call Center will be open 8-5 through Tuesday, Sept. 24. Call: 303-413-7730.

Dory said it so well . . .

God how I wish I was at the Merc having a beer, chatting with my friends, listening to Hollis vent about a pain in the ass customer, talking politics with Cousin Joe and Richie, catching a Rabbit story about growing up as a tough NY kid, watching Joey park in the middle of the road, leaving his car door open.

Joey, We all miss you. Thank you for always taking the time to be interested in my life. Thanks for tolerating my golf game (actually Chad forgive me as you were my partner). Jerry tried to re-create your chili last night, it’s not there yet but we will keep trying. Please give a hug to Sean, Tom, Solange and Floyd for me.

Awww Jeez, here come the tears again.

Pass the word about Nederland Food Party

The Nederland Food Pantry, in the Nederland Community Center, is available to anyone needing food assistance on the first and last Thursday of each month from 10-12.We are also open every Saturday from 10-12.

In addition, a wonderful lunch can be enjoyed with the Nederland Area Seniors each Monday and Wednesday at noon in the Ned Community Center. On 9/23 and 9/25 someone will be there who can assist you with a Food Pantry distribution as well. For lunch reservations call 303-258-0799 by Friday at 4pm for lunch on Monday and by Monday at 4pm for lunch on Wednesday.

The Clothing Closet has FREE clothes for all ages and is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings as well as Thursdays when the Food Pantry is open. It is also located in the Nederland Community Center.

If you need further information, please email Laura Fisher

Positive actions to help you feel better and in control

Take a look at the American Red Cross one page cheat sheet for talking care of your emotional health after a disaster.

Important health tips

Health reminders to those coming back or staying in Jamestown:

There is no public sanitation facility. Check on when you had a tetanus shot last and get a booster. There was or still is raw sewage in the creek and mud. Wash hands well. Good idea is to put a cap-full of bleach in a gallon of rain water for hand washing or use boiled water. Prevent waterborne diseases. This is very important. Wear gloves when moving debris.Total self sufficiency is required.

Emergency JVFD EMS is at 180 Main St.

Colleen Williams

Stay up to date by following Jamestown Connect

I’d like to suggest that people set up to “Follow” Jamestown Connect as a way to keep a pulse on useful and/or important information. (Instructions to “Follow” are below.) I’d like to briefly describe the philosophy of the site so you understand the reason for my suggestion.

We seek to be a repository for useful, actionable information from various sources including the QT. If something that fits that parameter is posted on the QT (and we see it) we add it to Jamestown Connect–that way it doesn’t get lost in all the QT postings. If something is from another source we add it to Jamestown Connect and then also post the link on the QT. One of the needs we are also trying to fill is to make information easier to find. We can’t guarantee that every available piece of information is captured but what is there should be useful and/or of high interest.

By following Jamestown Connect you will be automatically notified when something new is posted. This will help you to see things that may slip your attention in the QT postings.

Our goal is to supplement the QT not replace it.

To follow Jamestown Connect follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Click the Follow link in the lower right corner.
4. Follow the instructions from there.

Clothing Exchange Saturday, 9/21

Submitted by friends of Jamestown:

Clothing Exchange – Saturday, 9/21, from 11 -2 in NOBO. (Complete Physique, 1501 Lee Hill Drive, Unit # 11 (warehouses east of Broadway by the Upslope Brewery)

I’ve been communicating with David M and am a friend of one of your community. Friends and I have been gathering clothing, bedding, and leads on furniture for you and would like to share that tomorrow at the address above. Please bring any clothing you have received that you would like to add to the exchange. We’re continuing to gather and can’t promise much organization tomorrow but we’re working toward doing that in another space. If you can’t make it tomorrow, no worries, we will be open for business in another location soon!

We have clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and hopefully coffee! 🙂

Happy to take requests for clothes sizing, furniture needs but you really don’t want to hear me sing! 😉

Practical advice from Rep. Polis and Live Town Hall

Dear Friend:As we start to clear and rebuild our basements, homes and our communities, it’s important to be aware of all the problems that may arise.

One of the most significant issues that can arise after a flood is mold.  Be sure to clean any wet areas with detergent and water, and dry out your home to prevent mold growth, as well as fixing any leaks in your home. After cleaning wet surfaces, sanitize the area with household bleach (make sure you’re wearing gloves and try not to breath in fumes!). Follow these instructions to safely clean surfaces with bleach: Cleaning and Sanitizing with Bleach.

Here are a few additional tips for recognizing and dealing with mold from the Center for Disease Control:

  • Sight (Are the walls and ceilings discolored, or do they show signs of mold growth or water damage?)
  • Smell (Do you smell a bad odor, such as a musty, earth smell, or a foul stench?)
  • When in doubt, take it out! Remove all porous items that have been wet for more than 48 hours and that cannot be thoroughly cleaned and dried. These items can remain a source of mold growth and should be removed from the home. Porous, non-cleanable items include carpeting and carpet padding, upholstery, wallpaper, drywall, floor and ceiling tiles, insulation material, some clothing, leather, paper, wood, and food. Removal and cleaning are important because even dead mold may cause allergic reactions in some people.
Protect Yourself From Mold

I am also pleased to announce that tonight I will be holding a live Telephone Town Hall meeting with the American Red Cross to discuss disaster relief and to hear from you. We will also talk about what you and I can do right now to aid in the recovery.

I encourage you to join me on this call tonight at:
7:00 PM on Thursday, September 19th, 2013.
Please call 1-888-409-5380 at 7:00 PM to join the call.

We’ve seen Coloradans pull together every time we’re faced with a difficult situation. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals hoping to profit from people’s misfortune may attempt to pose as government officials and scam you of your personal information. FEMA recommends the following precautions:

  • Federal workers do not solicit or accept money
  • Ask for an official laminated ID. A FEMA shirt or jacket is not absolute proof of identity.
  • Safeguard personal information: Do not give personal information such as Social Security and bank account numbers unless you initiate the call.
  • Beware of people going door-to-door. People going door-to-door to damaged homes, or phoning homeowners claiming to be building contractors could be scam artists, especially if they solicit financial information.

If I can be of any assistance providing you with additional resources, please contact our Disaster Specialist, Danielle Henry, in my Boulder office at (303) 484-9596 or e-mail her If you live in Larimer County, please contact our Disaster Specialist, Jamie Grim, at (970) 226-1239 or e-mail her at I am regularly updating my website with important documents related to flood relief and federal assistance available to constituents. Please refer to this page as well for any immediate questions:

If you have an item that you are in need of to cope with the floods, or if you have an item or time that you can offer to someone in need, please fill in the following spreadsheet with your information so that everyone receives the help they need:

Help Your Neighbor!

Stay Colorado Strong,
Jared Polis

Listen to Deborah telling our story

Listen to Deborah’s interview on Colorado Public Radio.

Thanks Glenn for bringing this to me.


Suggestion Box

Please add your suggestions by leaving a comment on this post for how to have Jamestown Connecr better serve the Jamestown community .



We are special, but you probably knew that

Message from FEMA Inspector:

thanks for everyone’s help. this is definitely an exceptional community….i will be between 5th & 6th on lee hill tomorrow from 8am-6pm 9/19 (317)657-8327 if you would like you can call me and see if i have your inspection tonight until 930pm or anytime tomorrow. everyone in jimtown is encouraged to apply with FEMA 800-621-3362 whether you are an owner or renter also it does not matter if you have insurance or not….everyone should apply asap!!!
i can answer questions about the inspection but i have nothing to do with the award amount and i am unable to help with that…..i cant express enough how helpful everyone has been in tracking people down….this community is a model of the way resources & people should come together after an event of this magnitude…i am truly humbled by the spirit of this community!

Don’t become prey

Message From FEMA:

Only give personal info when you initiate the phone call, if someone calls you saying they are from FEMA asking for banking info or soc sec # ask for their # and don’t give any info and promptly call FEMA @ 800-621-3362….no inspector should ask for any of this info either if you are unsure if the person calling is an inspector ask them what your reg/app# is, if they don’t have it u should be suspicious.

Status from Boulder County OEM

FYI from the Office of Emergency Management

 9-18-13 – 1 p.m. – Jamestown access for RESIDENTS ONLY

The Mayor Tara Schoedinger of Jamestown is allowing access to the area for RESIDENTS ONLY. Residents must have proof that they live in the area to gain access past checkpoints.

Residents are encouraged to limit visits and to carpool into town due to limited parking. There is NO access to the south side of town, and there will be intermittent road closures due to recovery crews moving through the area.


    Peak to Peak Highway (72) to Overland Road and down
    Sunshine Canyon to Gold Hill to Overland Road

There is intermittent power in the area, but no water.

Vistit for more information.

Tribute to our departed friend

Today Teague and Dene and our team worked with heavy equipment to create at least one lane passage at all washouts on Balarat. We can now drive down to Jamestown.

The Boulder County Rescue team extracted Joey from the collapsed home today. About 40 of us gathered in front of his home as they brought Joey out. The rescue team stepped back. We gathered. An invitation was made for anyone that wanted to say something, to step forward. Several did. I remember Joey was the first person I met in Jamestown. His warmth and unique character was one of the reasons I built a home here.

About 15 people, men and women stepped forward taking hold of the straps. There wasn’t enough room for everyone to step forward to lift Joey, so we doubled up, the group expanding out, shoulder to shoulder. Joey was surrounded by those that love him, hands on shoulders as we carried Joey to the hearse located 100 feet up the road.

Matt, began singing, “this little light of mine… let it shine, let it shine, let it shine..”

Joey is a thread of this community, his thread remains with us, we miss him.

It’s been a long day.

Tomorrow is a new day…

Be present in each moment, impact a life today, shine your divine light as Joey did in your unique way, touch someone with your awareness, let them know you see them.

We saw Joey. We are grateful for having the privilege to have his light shine into our awareness.




Tips for helping kids cope with disaster

Here are two resources for parents to help you talk to your kids about what’s happened.

Links provided by:

Laura Greenstone, M.S., LPC, ATR-BC (aka Steve’s daughter)
Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Art Therapist
NJ Certified Disaster Response Crisis Counselor

Another way to communicate with friends and family

You can use this Red Cross page to post “safe and well messages” that your loved ones can view.


Update from Eric Knouse (aka Ranger Rick)

Here’s quick update….  there are 10 of us up here above Jamestown.

WE ARE SAFE WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. The two education facilities are stocked with food for hundreds of kids.  Our biggest concern is not being able to eat it before it spoils.  Dave and Lee Mitchell have opened their home to us.  It has a full size fridge and Jacuzzi tub, and unlimited water.

Yesterday, Teague and Dene, with heavy equipment, were able to fill in the two big cut outs on Balarat Road.  We now have access to Jamestown from Overland Road and Boulder now through the Bar-K to Black Hawk/Golden.  This is passable only with 4 wheel drive.

They are only letting residents back in here with I.D. at Peak to Peak Highway.

The Mitchell’s mud hole is still flowing water from the underground spring.  No one can drive through this area until the water stops flowing from below. We simply park our vehicles and walk into the woods a short distance to get picked up on the other side.  No big deal.

Last night, we were all invited to join Rafeal to have dinner at Calwood Education Center.  We had fajita / soft tacos. AND,  I enjoyed a hot shower at the Mitchel’s home.  All is good here.

Yesterday, Glenn and I cut four 8″ diameter trees down, branched them, and muscled them across a water cut out to create a walking bridge for Karen Sharon. Lot’s of little projects to do up here.

We have unlimited potable water!  We have showers and baths. We have hand held radios.  We have cell phones and Internet. TV is available at three locations. We have back up generators and gas for weeks.

We have medical supplies if needed. Teague can call in a helicopter if there is a medical emergency.

Today we are starting to dig out going down Balarat.  We have a metal track bulldozer and backhoe.  The plan is to make the road passable down to the paved road at the bottom of Balarat.  Then start clearing and filling the road down to Jamestown.

Crews are working their way down from Bar-K.  Several people have hiked down from Bar-K.  The slides will need to be cleared before traffic can move through.  The paved road bed remains, however rubble will need to be removed.  We have a guy, on a dirt bike, that can shuttle medicine in and out if needed.

The guys operating the big equipment feel it will take 3 days to create safe passage for traffic out of Jamestown up to Peak to Peak, then south on 72 down to Gold Hill, then down Sunshine Canyon to Boulder.  There are less than 20 cars in Jamestown and fewer people to drive them.  Jamestown has been evacuated accept for the communications command center and a few residents. (Last I heard, Leon and June have stayed.)

Nate hiked down (from Jamestown) and back from the Holiday Inn. He needed a cigarette. His eye witness account: James and Left Hand Canyons are gone. 50-60% of the road has been washed away from Jamestown to the Greenbriar. My guess, it will take months, possibly a year or more to rebuild the road from Boulder to Jamestown. The river will need to be rerouted to make room for road base. Winter is around the corner.  It could snow any day.

Once we have access to Peak to Peak we will be able to get more diesel and gas and supplies and equipment in here. Teague, the director at Balarat says their plan is to be open to receive kids as soon as the roads are safe for the buses to travel in and out.

At my place:

We have set up a small command center for the 10 of us.  The gasoline generator here at my cabin is working fine. Rain or shine we have unlimited power.  The refrigerator is full of food.  Alphie, the cat is rolling over showing us his belly whenever he wants to be fed.  We are all in good spirits.  Some of us are getting to know each other for the first time is a meaningful way.  Today, my first priority is hiking two miles to Karen Sharon’s cabin to give her a hand held radio so she can be in communication with our group.

Once the road is open —> Glenn plans to stay up here all winter.  Ross and Mary have offered their home, as well as Adelyn. Glenn has a place or two to stay in Boulder as well.  I can also travel to Santa Fe if I need to.

Keep the emails coming, call whenever you like. Leave a detailed message if no one picks up the phone.

We are all practicing being present…. there’s no place to go, nothing to do — but be present in each moment.

We have 10 human nervous systems up here regulating together into harmony — it’s a great spiritual practice.



Keep all receipts

Keep all of your receipts for any items, food, gas, etc you purchase as a result of your displacement. It will be important for reimbursement.

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